Trading pairs like BTC to ETH are available on most exchanges and have a daily trading volume of over $19 million. Not all the money goes straight from a sender to a recipient. Some of those funds get eaten up by commission and in-platform fees.

If you want your BTC/ETH exchange to be profitable, you have to find a platform with little to no fees. In this article, you will learn about four platforms where you can trade BTC for ETH profitably and stress-free.

Crypto Market Situation 2022

The crypto market experiences some turbulence right now. Most coins are in a bear market and their prices continue to fall. Today’s situation in the crypto market is caused by a number of events. One of the main reasons is the investor security concerns caused by the fall of TerraUSD and geopolitical tension in the world.

The rise of interest rates by financial institutions worldwide also makes crypto investors think twice before putting their money into crypto. However, it’s not all doom and gloom for crypto investors. There are still reputable platforms that you can use to invest in crypto and gain significant profits.

What Features Should a Good Exchange Platform Possess? 

There are a few features that a good crypto exchange should have for profitable BTC to ETH trading.


Besides the network fee, platforms levy their own fees for BTC to ETH exchange, which can vary from 2% to 0% depending on the platform.


When it comes to the security of your funds, reputation is extremely important. Only a reputable platform has industry awards and partnership deals with large organizations. It guarantees that the service is popular and trustworthy. 

User Reviews

Pay attention to what users say about the platform. You can also watch reviews on YouTube. This way, you will learn about the first-hand experience of using a certain crypto exchange. 


Safety of your digital assets and privacy is crucial during the exchange process. Most platforms implement KYC and 2FA procedures. They put your security at risk because they require sharing your sensitive information. Anonymous platforms are faster and more secure because you don’t have to disclose your ID.  

4 Services Recommended for You to Try

Here are four platforms you can use for a profitable BTC to ETH exchange. 


Godex is an anonymous exchange with 301 available cryptocurrencies, including BTC and ETH. Trading with Godex doesn’t require registration. It means that you can exchange Bitcoin for ETH fast and without compromising your personal info. 

It’s one of the fastest trading platforms with an average transaction time of 5-30 minutes. Godex’s exchange fees can go down to 0%, depending on the digital assets you are trading. The platform also allows you to trade any amount of crypto.

LetsExchange is another exchange that doesn’t require registration. The platform allows you to choose from 710 crypto assets and trade them in just several minutes. LetsExchange has 0.9%-1.2% transaction fees. 

One of the best features of the platform is the availability of trading cryptocurrency with fixed or floating rates. Furthermore, the security of its users is something LetsExchange doesn’t take for granted. The exchange is encrypted and has SSL certificates and DDoS protection in place.


Changelly is a one-stop crypto platform that offers buying, selling, and trading of more than 200 cryptocurrencies. It has 2 million active monthly users and partnership deals with crypto giants like Trezor and Binance.

With Changelly, you will have to complete KYC and 2FA to get all the benefits of the platform like higher withdrawal limits. Transactions on Changelly usually take 5-30 minutes. Changelly also sets a 0.25% transaction fee for a BTC to ETH exchange. 


Lykke is a crypto trading platform that has no fees. With this platform, you can trade dozens of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP. However, Lykke requires its clients to register first.

Lykke is a highly reputable platform that has partnership deals with Cardano and SwissChain. An average transaction with Lykke can take about 10 minutes. The platform has its apps on Google Play and App Store. 


There are many crypto platforms that offer the BTC to ETH trading option. Your task is to find the one that guarantees the most profitable trade. All the options mentioned above are good places to convert not only BTC or ETH but other altcoins as well. Anonymous platforms like are the most reliable and secure services where you can enjoy your right to anonymity when trading cryptocurrencies.