It can be easy to ignore physical symptoms and attribute them to small issues in your daily life. If you want to make sure you’re staying healthy, you need to stay on top of your body checks. From doing home checks to scheduling a health checkup, there are various things to keep in mind as we get older. Here are a few body checks to perform routinely: 

Check for tremors

It’s one thing to get jittery after too much caffeine, but it’s something else to get tremors in your hands that keep on happening. Hand tremors shouldn’t be ignored when they start to show up frequently. An odd day where you feel shaky is one thing—that could be because you didn’t eat enough. 

But shaky hands on a regular basis should be something that you pay attention to. The sooner you get treatment for anything from Parkinson’s to essential tremors, the better. 

Check your breasts

We’ve heard it many times: check your breasts. It’s something that still rings true. Unfortunately, breast cancer is prevalent, and it can also be something that you don’t realize you have, which is why it’s important to get routine checkups, especially after 40. 

For women who may have a family history of breast cancer, you may want to consider visiting your doctor before then for regular mammograms. 

Look at moles

You may get a lot of moles and that can be normal. But, if you have moles that are also itchy or painful, you’ll want to book a visit with your dermatologist to make sure you’re not dealing with serious skin conditions or issues like melanoma. 

Although you’re more than likely just fine, it’s always best to rule out health challenges where moles are a tell-tale symptom. A visit to your dermatologist won’t take long and testing should have results in a few days, so you can have peace of mind and be sure you’re staying healthy. 

Pap smears and routine checkups

Women over 30 should get regular checkups to ensure they’re staying healthy. From cancers to STDs and uterine fibroids, there are a plethora of things that women need to watch out for, especially as we age, so don’t ignore the importance of visiting your gynecologist and making sure everything is okay. 

Health insurance would be highly beneficial for women who need frequent routine checkups, so consider looking into the best options for you. Even if you just need birth control to manage hormones and deal with a condition, frequent gynecological visits can be beneficial for women

Colonoscopies and prostate checks

If your family has a history of colon or prostate cancers, you’ll want to make sure to schedule routine checkups to make sure you’re doing well. While it’s not necessary to get these kinds of checkups more than once a year, if you’re over 40, you’ll want to make sure you are visiting your medical provider at least once every two to three years and even more frequently as you get older. 

While it’s not suggested for people under 40 to get colonoscopies or prostate cancer screening, if there’s any kind of illness history in your family of this nature, it’s wise to get it checked for prevention and peace of mind. 

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In Conclusion 

We are beautiful creatures, who need a lot of love and care to make it through this thing called life. Our health can be a puzzle sometimes, but it’s important to pay attention to our bodies so that we can continue to get the support and medical treatment that helps us to continue living a healthy life for years to come. Check yourself and visit your doctor when necessary to keep your body healthy and happy.