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Are you also a fan of this game Wordle and try to figure out the solution to your every day problems? There are also situations where you need to figure out the correct word but aren’t sure. If so, read this article. This article will let you learn about the potential outcome of the wordle puzzle of today.

We will present 5 letter Word beginning with Ho within this post since Wordle is a very well-known game played in countries such as Australia, India, the United Kingdom and the United States.

The Words include Ho at the beginning.

Below are words that begin by Ho from a long list. Take a look at the following five letter words that begin with Ho and learn their meanings.

  • Hotel – A hotel that offers rooms and other services for an indefinite period.
  • Horse – A domesticated, four-legged animal that is able to run.
  • Hover, which is floating on a surface.
  • House is a building for residential use or a place for people to are able to stay.

Don’t forget to check out the listed 5 letter words that begin with Ho and their meanings.

  • Horns – the pointy, hard feature that appears on some animal heads.
  • Hoppy – dried out fruit which are used to make beer.
  • Hooks are a curved piece of metal that is used in fishing to capture fish.
  • Honey is a sticky and sweet liquid that is the product of groups from bees.
  • Hoser is someone who is ignorant or untrained.
  • Holla is a tool to greet people or draw their interest.
  • Hocks is a piece of the ham or pork.
  • Howls- The cry produced by animals like dogs or wolves in moment of distress.

5 Letter Word Beginning with Ho A Few More Words

  • Hooka is a pipe that is used to smoke marijuana or tobacco.
  • Hound is a specific breed of dog that is suited to hunting.
  • Hongi – The gesture of greeting.
  • Hoisting – using ropes to lift something.
  • Hovel is a house that is in poor condition or that is dirty enough to reside in.
  • Homie – A neighbour, group, or gang member.
  • Hoggs is a big, Hoggs weighing over (120 pounds).
  • Hokes – to present an illusion of artefact.
  • Honed is a rotating tool designed to increase the size of holes.
  • We’ve added a couple of additional five letter words that begin with Ho below.
  • Hodad – where a male typically poses as an surfer.
  • Holms is a river that has an island.
  • Hoagy is a submarine sandwich.

A few of the words listed earlier aren’t frequently used but can be considered a solution to wordle. Wordle game.


We’ve provided all of the above words in an extensive list. Consider these words and then find solutions to the current Wordle game. Additionally, you can improve your vocabulary by studying these words.

Hope you have found your answer regarding Five Letter Words Beginning with Ho.