Keeping your home clean and tidy is something that everyone desires. But sometimes, our family and job responsibilities drag the cleanliness motive into our low-priority list. Having a hectic work routine, looking after your family, and managing relationships is too much on the plate. Keeping your home clean is impossible unless you dedicate time and effort.

Most homeowners believe a daily cleaning routine is enough to keep their homes clean. But in reality, it might not be sufficient to decontaminate and sanitize your living space. Although your home may look tidy on the surface, there are many hidden corners you might overlook in your cleaning routine. In this article, we shall highlight several signs that indicate your home needs a deep cleaning.

Frequent doctor visits

Medical experts often associate our health with cleanliness. The cleaner our living environment, the higher the chances of us staying healthy. Therefore, they recommend deep cleaning our homes if you don’t want to fall sick. Some even request to keep your workplace tidy to minimize the risk of getting ill.

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If you are experiencing health problems, it might not be due to a weaker immune system. Sometimes, unclean living conditions can adversely affect our health, leading to various health issues such as cold, flu, and fever. In worst cases, you might develop serious health complications, often leading to chronic diseases. So, unless you keep your home and workplace dust-free, you will be exposed to allergens and other harmful microorganisms that can make you sick.

Foul odors

A major sign that your home needs thorough cleaning is the existence of a bad smell. Apart from being a nuisance, it can put a bad impression on your guests. So, getting rid of the unpleasant smell should not be dealt with negligently. Do not wait for it to go away all by itself. Instead, you should immediately contact professional cleaning services to diagnose and eliminate the source of foul odors.

Bad smells coming from homes are not uncommon. Unless you deep clean hour home occasionally, the presence of a bad smell is inevitable. Perhaps it is your carpet that is stinking because you didn’t manage to clean it after you dropped some sauces. The source might also be your dishwasher, garbage disposal, and even water seepage in your walls. In either case, the best way to deal with it is to acquire professional assistance and check your space for a deep clean.

Dust accumulation

A daily cleaning routine is an excellent way to prevent dust from accumulating in your living space. Although it does wipe most dust particles from various surfaces, it might not be enough to remove them from tight corners and hidden areas. Most homeowners often ignore accumulated dust in hard-to-reach areas and places they don’t use often. While it may work if you simply want to earn some compliments for having a tidy home, it isn’t a healthy practice.

If you see dust particles piling on your windowpanes, door hinges, and under the sofa, it is probably time for a deep clean. Ideally, you should scan your home with a visitor’s eye and spot areas collecting dust. These areas might include the walls behind the furniture, shelves, and backside of doors that you don’t clean often. Also, keep an eye on spider webs and other insects that might be nesting behind or under your furniture.

Be mindful that the climatic conditions that you are living in also have a role to play when it comes to indoor dust accumulation. If your living conditions are humid, there is an increased chance of dust accumulation. Due to the high moisture level in the air, dust particles stick to surfaces while encouraging more to settle. This means that you must deep clean your home frequently.

Misplaced items

If you find it difficult to locate various objects or see a lot of misplaced items, it’s an indication that your home needs a thorough cleaning. Some people don’t bother tidying up their belongings and getting rid of objects piled up in their living space. Unfortunately, they don’t realize that such habits can harm their mental and physical health. Remember that a messy space is a breeding ground for many harmful insects and microorganisms.

To ensure your home stays clean and organized, you must take care of your belongings. Do the laundry timely rather than continuing to pile up dirty clothes on top of one another. Likewise, rinse the unwashed dishes that have been occupying your kitchen countertop for quite some time. Also, try to organize miscellaneous items back to where they belong. Be mindful that you might need an entire day just to organize your belongings. After all, an organized home is relatively easier to clean than an untidy one.

Avoiding certain areas of your home

Another indication that your home might require a thorough cleansing is that there are some areas in your home that you avoid. Perhaps you have locked up the room in your home’s basement that is full of clutter. Or maybe it gives off a bad smell you don’t wish to experience. Either way, it is a sign that you should deep clean your home.

You can create a cleaning schedule to get rid of all the clutter that resides in the area. Or, if that’s too much to ask, you can call professional cleaning services and get the job done. Who knows, it might become fit for an office space or a guest bedroom.


Thoroughly cleaning your home is a good habit that you can develop. A tidy home not only refreshes your feelings but also keeps numerous health issues at bay. Not to mention your home looking brand new. Therefore, if you’re visiting the doctor frequently, experiencing the unpleasant smell, dust accumulation, have misplaced items, and avoid certain areas, it’s time for deep cleaning.