Business etiquette is a set of rules that define the generally accepted order of behavior and communication in the corporate world. Compliance with these rules allows you to maintain an image, interact effectively, build relationships and move up the career ladder. A person who wants to achieve professional success must have good manners, know the rules of business etiquette, be able to work in a team and behave correctly in any situation to earn the respect and trust of colleagues and partners. Knowledge of the basic rules of business etiquette will help to avoid mistakes and resolve conflict situations.

Basic rules of international business etiquette

Here are some tips on international business etiquette that will help you interact with colleagues and partners worldwide:

  1. Improve your competence in business negotiations 

The ability to conduct competent negotiations and bring them to the desired result is a fundamental rule of business etiquette. For negotiations to take place at a high level, it is necessary to set clear goals, draw up a clear plan, and choose a convenient time and place for both parties. It is also important to select a reliable means of communication, allowing you to reach your partners wherever needed, and for example, arrange an almost free call to Eritrea.

  1. Be prepared to listen and hear your interlocutor 

The ability to listen to a partner is not a natural skill, but an acquired one. With this competence, a businessman can potentially be very efficient in running a company. Each client, employee, and partner will talk about their needs and expectations. Being able to hear and make the right offer is vital. This skill is also important because it saves time, which is more valuable than money because it cannot be saved.

  1. Improve your grammar skills

Competent speech and business writing style are crucial for business meetings and interaction in general. Appearance says a lot about a person, but the ability to communicate can make an even more vivid impression on your interlocutor. A structured business speech without any useless info is of great importance for a business person. The use of paraphrases, introductory words, repetitions, voice distortion, and parody are not allowed in the business world.

  1. Be punctual 

One of the basic rules of business etiquette is punctuality, respect for other people’s time, and competent time management. This is one of the foundations of the business world. You can be a bright, charismatic speaker, excellent negotiator, and skillful manager, but if you are always late, wasting other people’s time, your success is problematic. It is unlikely that in this situation, you will be able to build long-term cooperation with your partners: non-punctual people are not respected in the business world.

  1. Stay silent when required

Another important issue of business etiquette is keeping other people’s secrets. Almost every company has confidential data that is not subject to disclosure. Never talk about your partner’s difficulties with third parties.