Before there were cars, people used to tow vehicles. Or, to put it more precisely, people utilized big animals to pull stalled cars out of the mud, snow, or wherever. If not, those automobiles would have just been abandoned.

Because of this, early car owners had trouble using their vehicles in the cold. They had no means of removing them from the snow, thus they were unable to move them. They had to wait for someone else to assist them with a horse or oxen. It’s still safe to say that vehicle recovery services have existed since the beginning of time and have been going through innovations with each passing century. 

Let’s dive into the different types of Tow Trucks 

Wheel-Lift Tow Track 

Hook and chain tow vehicles gave way to wheel-lift tow trucks, but they operate a little differently. These trucks use a metal yoke rather than a hook and chain, which frequently only touches the wheels. Depending on the vehicle, the yoke may hook up in the front or the back underneath the driving wheels. This end of the vehicle is then raised into the air by a hydraulic or pneumatic hoist so that it can be pulled.

The bumper is protected, and there are no chains to scrape the truck’s body, even if this truck can’t provide the same level of protection as a flatbed truck.

Flatbed Tow Truck 

Because of how it operates, the flatbed tow truck may also be referred to as a “slide” truck. A long hydraulic flatbed with an inclined back end that lowers completely to the ground is its most prominent feature. Before the truck bed is lowered back to a level position, the car that needs to be towed will be driven or dragged onto the bed and secured.

The most common kind of tow truck is the flatbed, which has a number of benefits. The vehicle being towed is securely mounted on a flatbed, and it is raised off the ground. Flatbed trucks include a winch that pulls the car onto the bed for stationary vehicles.

Boom Trucks 

In many cases, the simplest method to rescue a vehicle is to use a boom truck as a breakdown towing service, which has a hydraulic arm that extends past the vehicle. Heavy-duty boom trucks are essentially mini versions of mobile cranes; some booms are fixed in place while others may move about.

Boom trucks used to raise the vehicles using a hook and chain technique, but nowadays, the trucks are outfitted with belt lifts or slings, which are a little safer to handle. Together, the boom and winch, along with the strapping, can raise automobiles out of risky situations and tow them to safety. Once more, this kind of vehicle cannot be used to tow all-wheel drive automobiles because doing so could damage the drivetrain.

Hook and Chain Tow Trucks 

Unlike multiple normal towing trucks, most people would recognize the hook and chain tow truck as being the oldest and most common form of a tow truck. These aren’t used nearly as much anymore because they impose a lot of strain on the automobiles being towed.

The hook and chain tow truck, as its name suggests, tows vehicles from one location to another using a hook and a chain. The axle or bumper of the car, where the hook is attached, is susceptible to strain or damage during transit. These trucks are normally not used since the chain could dent the car’s body. All-wheel or 44 trucks cannot be used with this type of truck since it could harm the drivetrain.

Integrated Tow Tracks 

The most typical combination for an integrated tow truck, which employs 2 separate systems, is a boom and a wheel lift combined into one unit. Integrated trucks contain controls on the inside of the vehicle, making it possible to swiftly lift up a vehicle without ever leaving the truck. These are handy for short projects where a full boom truck may not be necessary.

Due to the arms’ deep integration with the vehicle’s core, which increases stability and capability, these trucks can be either mid-size or heavy-duty pickups.

Benefits of Tow Tracks 

For the purpose of transportation

Some tow trucks are merely required to move a car, machine, or piece of machinery from one location to another. The type of vehicle will determine the size of the tow trucks needed for these tasks. To move substantial amounts of machinery and materials to specific areas, tow trucks are used.

For car accidents and breakdowns

You have probably dealt with a tow truck before if you’ve ever been in an accident or had a breakdown on the side of the road. Vehicles that can’t be driven or have significant damage must be removed from the scene and put in a secure area by a car breakdown service.

The tow truck that is dispatched to retrieve wrecked vehicles will vary depending on the type of vehicle or accident. Your towing company might employ an integrated truck or a wheel-lift truck, for instance, if your car is still on the road and still able to be wheeled away. But if your car is stuck in a ditch, a boom truck might be required to hoist it out. In both scenarios, flatbed tow trucks are frequently used to tow away vehicles.

For Heavy Duty tasks

All towing truck types include heavy-duty versions, and certain towing trucks are only used for heavy-duty tasks. An integrated tow truck is a typical size and can handle parked automobiles and trucks, although semi-trucks and school buses occasionally need to be towed, which may necessitate a unique vehicle. Tow trucks may be included in a company’s extensive fleet of vehicles, particularly if it includes buses and other vehicles.

For vehicles that aren’t well parked

If you’ve ever parked somewhere you shouldn’t have, you may have already dealt with a tow truck. It is common knowledge that improperly parked cars are towable, and there are usually signs alerting you of this potential. The majority of the time, an integrated truck will be utilized to tow the vehicle because they are frequently the most adaptable, but different businesses may use various truck types. Of course, the vehicle also has an impact.
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