To help you choose the best product, we’ve broken down the features of the most popular CBD products into three key categories: Full spectrum, High potency, and Organic. For high quality selection of Lazarus naturals CBD you can look here

Read on to learn more. And if you’re ready to try something new, read this complete guide to Lazarus Naturals CBD to learn how to take advantage of the benefits it offers. In this article, we’ll cover the different types of CBD oils available.

  • Full spectrum

The Lazarus Naturals CBD full spectrum tincture is a classic. The company takes full responsibility for the production process and ensures that its products are completely free of heavy metals, toxic chemicals, and pesticides. Each product is lab tested for purity and concentration, and you can also see the entire list of ingredients, so you can be sure you’re getting the highest quality CBD tincture available.

The Lazarus Naturals CBD oil contains 100 mg of CBD per mL, making it easy to add to your food. Another great option is Lazarus Naturals CBD capsules, which offer the highest value per serving. They are available in both ten-mg and fifty-mg formats, and are made of vegetable cellulose. Additionally, the capsules are gluten-free and vegan, and Lazarus Naturals uses organic hemp seed as its raw material.

The Lazarus Naturals CBD relax and unwind balm comes packaged in a metal tin. Each softgel contains 3,000 mg of full spectrum CBD and organic beeswax, mango oil, glycerin, and lanolin. The light-orange gel is soft and has a pleasant, mild lavender fragrance. It works best when used before bedtime or after exercise.

  • High potency

The High Potency CBD Tincture Oil from Lazarus Naturals is an excellent product. It contains 50mg of CBD per serving, making it ideal for regular users or those with chronic or severe conditions. The CBD is extracted from the hemp plant using Kosher ethanol and blended with organic plant-derived oils. The product is third-party tested, so you can be sure of its quality. It comes in three different concentrations, including a standard potency and a high-potency one. Both tinctures contain the full spectrum of CBD and are recommended for users who are looking for high-potency tinctures.

The High Potency Lazarus Naturals CBD Tincture is made from high-quality hemp oil, which is carefully extracted and formulated. It is affordable and comes in both flavored and unflavored versions. No artificial flavor or sweetener is added. It can also be taken by people with food allergies. It is recommended for healthy adults, but pregnant and nursing women should not use it unless they are sure of its safety.

Lazarus Naturals products are free from pesticides, GMOs, and residual solvents. They are suitable for vegans and vegetarians. The company has a 90-day money-back guarantee. If you’re unhappy with your purchase, the company will refund your money less the cost of shipping. It has an excellent reputation for being an ethical company. It donates a portion of the profits to charities and nonprofits to help the homeless.

  • Organic

When looking for a high-quality CBD oil for your pets, Lazarus Naturals is an option that is a great choice. Their products contain the same high-quality, full-spectrum CBD oil that humans enjoy, and they’re also vegan friendly. The company’s product lineup includes the Lazarus Naturals Coconut CBD Oil, which has 50 mg of CBD per mL and is a great all-over moisturizer.

The full-spectrum CBD tincture from Lazarus farms contains a variety of nutrients, including terpenes and phytonutrients. The product is extracted through a ethanol-based process and diluted with fractionated coconut oil. This is a great option for those who need a dose of CBD to help with stress or anxiety. It’s also vegan, and contains both hemp extract.

The full-spectrum CBD extract from Lazarus Naturals is refined using distillation, crystallization, and a proprietary ethanol-based extraction process. All Lazarus Naturals products undergo multiple rounds of quality testing. They use both in-house and third-party testing laboratories to ensure that their products are free of contaminants. Their hemp is grown responsibly and without pesticides or GMOs. The company’s hemp is grown organically in three farms in central Oregon.

In addition to its quality, Lazarus Naturals offers a 90-day return policy. The company also offers transparency, and has not received a warning letter from the FDA for illegal marketing. Among other qualities, Lazarus Naturals CBD products are environmentally friendly, with zero pesticides, no heavy metals, and no trace of pesticides. 

  • Tested for purity

The company claims that all its hemp oil products are tested for purity, potency, and contaminants. These lab reports can be viewed on the product’s lab report page, by batch number, or by scanning a QR code. Lazarus Naturals’ CBD oil contains 3% to 42% CBD. The products’ THC levels are less than 0.3%. They also undergo testing for heavy metals, microbial contaminants, and pesticides.

As a certified B corporation, Lazarus Naturals offers a discount for veterans and low-income customers. Their products are grown on certified organic and sustainable farms. The company uses third-party lab tests to ensure purity. While not BBB-accredited, Lazarus Naturals uses hemp-growing facilities in Oregon to produce its CBD. It is also made from cryogenic ethanol extraction. There are several variations in the amount of THC and CBD content, but the company is confident in its products’ quality.

Lazarus Naturals uses independent third-party labs to ensure their products’ purity. Their reports are made available to customers. All Lazarus Naturals CBD products are filtered, air-dried, and tested for contaminants. The company uses Cryogenic ethanol to extract the CBD from the hemp and then filters it for purity. They make full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate. The company also uses organic ingredients and aims to be carbon-neutral by 2030.

  • Dosing

If you’ve been considering using Lazarus Naturals CBD oil to treat your anxiety, you’ve probably wondered about the dosage. While there are a lot of products on the market with CBD, the brand is one of the most popular. The company’s CBD tincture has a convenient dropper for precise dosing. Its ingredients are minimal and include no added flavoring or sweeteners. The formula is also all-natural, vegan, and gluten-free.

You’ll find product information on Lazarus Naturals’ website. The website is easy to navigate and contains massive amounts of information. To get started, start with a sample of a single product, then use the filters to narrow down the choices. The company is also very generous with their assistance program and offers up to 60 percent off the price of any single product. However, you must ensure that you meet eligibility requirements to qualify.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Lazarus Naturals converted a portion of their production space into hand sanitizers for food banks, shelters, and healthcare facilities. The company’s employees have been rewarded with fair wages, and the company is committed to being an ethical business. This company recently raised its hourly minimum wage to $20, higher than the minimum wage in Washington and Oregon. In addition, it has donated free CBD to homeless shelters and essential workers. Finally, the company has donated to Women in Need New York City and the Epilepsy Foundation.