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What’s Axolotl Hellish?

It is a remodel of the Axolotl. The Hellish Axolotl, a mythic rarity pet, is a re-skin the original Axolotl pet that you can find on pet sim X. It was updated with the Axolotl update. At the moment, it has the strongest base stats of any pet-game on the internet.

The first mythical being to possess a power greater than 10 trillion.

Specifications for hellish axolotl pet Sim x-

The mythical pet that appears on the Hellish Axolotl is a black and red-colored pet with fire eyes. This pet is the Wyvern-of-Hades in shape and colour. The hellish axolotl pet came with the axolotl sea and can be hatched using a shiny Axolotl eggs. Although the axolotl egg’s base hatch rate is low, it can increase its chances of hatching with boost.

Once they reach the ocean level, the players will be able to get the egg. This is the third Mythical pet that has 1 million existence. The Ghoul horse is the first, and the second is the 404 Demon.

Pets with shiny Axolotl Eggs and Axolotl Hellish Value.

  • Nature Axolotl- Hatch Rate is 49%
  • The Hellish Axolotl hatching rate is unknown which causes an increase in Axolotl Hellish.
  • Fancy Axolotl – Hatch Rate is 49 %Axolotuus – Hatch Rate is 2%
  • Hydra Axolotl – Hatch rate: 0.15%
  • Astral Axolotl- Hatch Rate is 0.0378%

Value of Hellish Axolotl pet sims x:

On its standard form, the hellish Axolotl can be valued at 1 crore 20 million gems. In the rainbow form, it is over 12 crores. And in the dark form, it is worth 40 crores. The hellish axolotl sim x standard version is 1 million rainbow coins, while the gold version is worth 135,000. This pet has the highest damage, except for big pets.

Users are increasingly attracted to animated pets. It is worth billions of dollars and 4 diamonds. Its dark version is responsible for all its value.

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