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The Bauhn 75-Inch TV is now available. Before you buy Bauhn 75 Inch TV, make sure to read all about the brand and product. The shift in people’s interest to tablets, mobile phones and laptops has made television less common over the last few years. The store is located in Australia.

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Bauhn 75 Inch TV, an electronic television, can be attached to a home wall. The 75-inch long device allows people to enjoy a more immersive experience than their phones screens.

Ultra high resolution 4k video. Download multiple apps to watch unlimited TV content. You can record another show and then enjoy it again by using the magic remote.

Bauhn 75-inch TV Review uses the most recent AI technology. It also features voice command, a simple interface that is easy to use and a realistic interface.

Instructions for Use:

  • After installing the TV, connect it to the power supply and USB. Wi-Fi is also possible to connect to the Bauhn 75 inch TV.
  • You can then install as many applications as you like, depending on your preferences.
  • Bauhn 75 inch TV features the latest AI technology, remote magic functions and voice control.

Bauhn 75-Inch TV Review

  • Product URL- Price – 799$.
  • Dimensions- 1687x88x977mm with stand
  • Resolution – 3840 x 2160
  • Net weight- 26kg.
  • Screen size – 190m.
  • Audio – Stereo speakers
  • Size – 75’’
  • Product model number – ATV75UHDW-0622
  • Control type,Remote.
  • Batteries – 2 x AA Activ Energy Batterys Included
  • Origin country –Australia
  • Warranty – 1-year warranty
  • Manufacturer and brand –Bahun
  • powered by –webOS Television.
  • Input-RJ45 – 1 xRCA, 3x HDMI, 1xRF, and 2x USB
  • VESA wall mounting-400x200mm
  • Pre-installed apps-Netflix and Facebook are installed on Bauhn 75 inch TV Review.
  • Output available –1x optical and 1x earphone.


  • Bauhn 75-inch TV can be controlled via voice commands or remote control.
  • It boasts 4k ultra HD resolution.
  • Bauhn 75 Inch TV offers a complete movie theatre experience, with its giant screen and sound system.


  • The warranty period is not extended. Bauhn 75 inch TVs come with a 1-year warranty.
  • Bauhn 75 inch TV provides ample wall space.
  • You should take precautions as electronic items can be damaged by even small errors.
  • Bauhn 75 Inch TV is heavy and difficult to lift.

Are they valued and efficient?

Bauhn 75-inch TV Review is a suspect product. Its brand is also questionable due to insufficient information.

About the Brand:

  • This brand sells all types of electronic products like speakers, sound system, TV, and smart watches.
  •’s domain registration date is unknown.
  • Also, the expiry date.
  • has a trust rate of 60%.
  • Aldi stores sell mainly their products.
  • At 100%, the trust index is very high.

Information about the product:

  • Bauhn, 75-inch TV, will be available starting Wednesday, 24 August 2022.
  • Bauhn, 75 Inch TV has a low ranking of 1459144
  • The majority of feedbacks are negative.

Bauhn 75-Inch TV Review Customers:

Product reviewer has given it a rating score of 2.6/100. There are many other reviews on other websites. However, none of them is above average. It doesn’t matter if the reviews are above or below average. Its picture quality and sound quality are some of the complaints.

Its size and larger screen size are only the subject of positive reviews. People are dissatisfied with the product and will purchase on other platforms at higher prices. To avoid being scammed, learn Product Legitimacy .

Final verdict

Bauhn 75-inch TV Review has shown us that it is a questionable product. This product is not available on any other websites and the majority of reviews are negative. This product is not recommended and we advise consumers to use other genuine platforms.