Friendship day is a day to spend with your friends. The bit is special for them in so many ways because they get to spend time with each other on this day no matter what their schedule is. But with time it has changed and people are also celebrating friendship day with their girlfriends too. But looking at the set-up of the day there are very few things for a couple to do. All the events that are organized on this day are for friends. So if you want to celebrate friendship day in a beautiful way with your girlfriend then you will have to make an effort for that, by buying special gifts for her to show your love, If you are wondering how you can do that then here are some amazing ideas that you can use for making an amazing Friendship day with your girlfriend. 

Flower Shower

Women love flowers. This information is not hidden from anyone. For friendship day you can buy your girlfriend some flowers. You don’t have to try a lot and just pick some of her favorite flowers. Daisies, lilies, and dandelions are one of the best choices for flowers. But you should choose the one which they like. Show up at their house with some flowers and they will be happiest. 

Bake or cook for her

It is probably seen that girlfriends cook or bake for their boyfriends. But this time for a change you should bake something for her. A simple dry cake would also make her happy because you made it yourself. Or you can figure out which dish she loves and open the recipe book and give it a try. Even a trial run is amazing and efforts count too. 

Buy her a perfume

Tom Ford orchid perfume for women is a classic choice for a gift to any women. But before you choose a perfume you should know if a person uses it or knows. Also, everyone has their signature perfume if you know that perfect buy the one. If not then try to understand their taste and pick the right one for them. You will have to go with your gut to make the right choice. It can be a great perfume with some premium edition or just a simple one with a beautiful scent in it. You can ask her friends for some advice if you are confused so that you can buy the friendship day gift for your girlfriend. 

Take her out for romantic dinner

Ordinary day or friendship day the most splendid plan for your girlfriend would be to take her out. You can obviously cook her dinner but taking out makes it more special. Some places are always good because it freshens up from the regular routine. You get to spend some quality time. Of Course, choose a place with a good ambiance. 

Try to mingle with her on this day

So friendship day is first of all about friends. Unlike Every year you are thinking of spending it with your girlfriend by doing something good for her. So you should start by meeting her friends and try to mingle with them. This gives them a sense of comfort and she will get to spend the day with her friends and you too. It is possible to plan it out in different ways. 

Use the dying art of letter writing

When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone? Well now is the time that you write a long letter to your girlfriend for this friendship day and show how she is a friend to you and also a girlfriend. Letter writing is really beautiful and it can be kept for years as a token of love and memory. And if she loves classic things or a little old school she will really appreciate this gesture of yours. 

Just try to make it special with your presence

Celebrating any day is only successful when you are not only putting effort into making it successful but you are also present there with the person. You can try any of these above plans. Most of the plans are affordable and very easy to execute. These are very heartfelt plans too and they will make the day memorable for her too. You can try any of these plans and it will make a perfect day for you both.