Blood pressure is the order of the day for many people; we tell you why yogurt helps you control it

The yoghurt is presented as one of the natural remedies more effective in the spirit of controlling our blood pressure. We also know it as blood pressure, which is the force with which blood hits the walls of the artery, causing different problems in our organism.

And as we get older, the cardiovascular problems that we can reach if we do not take care of our blood pressure are greater.

Precisely protecting the levels of is one of the main concerns of many people, who know how important food is to balance it.

An essential dairy product

The yogurt helps a lot in that sense, being a dairy product that provides many positive properties that favor our blood circulation.

Comes from a study of the University of South of Australia, which together with the University of Maine, examined cardiovascular risk factors in relation to the consumption of yogurt.

It should be noted that the context in which this happens is that of a population with a high rate of hypertension.

With high blood pressure, there is a greater risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases (CVD), such as myocardial infarction and stroke, and cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death worldwide.

Dr. Alexandra Wade stresses that there is new evidence linking yogurt with positive blood pressure results in people with high blood pressure levels.Yogur alimento presión sanguínea