This article describes a fully-automated trading website that helps execute multiple trades and analyzes its credibility. Read more about Bitcode AI Scam.

Are you interested in knowing the credibility of a website developed to promote crypto-based trading with less screen time? If so, let’s evaluate all the relevant information associated with the website at a glance.

Crypto traders and investors from Australia and Canada are exploring various possibilities to execute trades on crypto-based assets without sacrificing productive hours and family time.

Crypto automated trading is trending with the demand for crypto-based assets. So, read till the end to learnmore about Bitcode AI Scam.

About Bitcode AI Website

Bitcode AI is a website dedicated to crypto-based trading activities using modern trading technologies to automate multiple trades.

Multiple websites have emerged after the rise in demand for crypto trading. The legitimacy of the trading platform is always a concern for the traders. Let’s analyze if Bitcode AI is a scam.

According to, they have conducted several tests and technical research on Bitcode AI and found the website credible and transparent. In addition to that, Bitcode AI is embedded with an SSL certificate to protect user’s data.

Bitcode AI Scam

  • Bitcode AI registration is free of cost eliminating the primary possibility of online money spamming.
  • Bitcode AI is also a broker with a CySec license.
  • GDPR Ready and SSL certificates add more safety to the website users.
  • In addition to the security mentioned above features, the website also encrypts user data using AES 256-bit encryption.  

Key Features of Bitcode AI

  • Bitcode AI provides simple registration procedures that ask users to submit the necessary basic information. The registration process gets completed within 30 minutes. So, let’s understand more details associated with Bitcode AI Scam.
  • Bitcode AI charges no registration fees from its users. However, the user needs to make an initial deposit that entirely belongs to the user.
  • To get familiar with the trading platform, beginners can use a demo trading account to practice the trading steps and strategies before trading with real money.
  • All the trades get executed within milliseconds as per the user’s instruction. So the user needs to provide a set of trading instructions, and it gets executed quickly.
  • Bitcode AI also provides 24 hours customer service to assist customers with trading-related queries. Read on Bitcode AI Scam.

Customer Reviews

  • Julia, a Bitcode AI user, praised the accuracy of the execution of the algo trading service provided by the platform.
  • Darijo, another satisfied Bitcode AI user, found the platform helpful as it helped him trade different currency pairs without fail.
  • Victor praised Bitcode AI’s support team for their quick assistance whenever required.


Crypto trading was difficult for full-time workers until automated trading platforms such as Bitcode AI which helps the traders execute several trades without manual effort. To know more, kindly have a look at this link.  

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