Coffee shops are quite popular among people around the year but considering the products on offer, it is only natural that the sales tend to go down in the summer as the demand for coffees is at its peak in the winter. Now, seeing that sales can be down in the summer, the need for promotions and marketing at this time makes total sense. We will now go through a few strategies which you can use to make sure people visit your coffee shop in the summers as well.

Adapt to summer needs

First thing is first, you need to cater to the things people are most likely to prefer in the summer. Adjust your menu and your ambiance and even your theme accordingly. 

Have a mini revamp, add the best led lights, and swap out dark colors with lighter ones to give your space a new look and a summery feel.

Next, add a few unique summer drinks to your menu. You can add cocktails, iced teas, cold coffees, and other relatively simple drinks which can be served chilled and can refresh the customers while offering them respite from the heat. There are many other summer drinks too which you can look at. Choose the ones which you can offer most easily and which you feel will work most well in your locality.

Finally, give your menu a new refreshing look for the summers. The good news is that you can do this quite easily now as menus can now be designed online. You can see a plethora of Coffee Menu Templates online and if you just want to customize the menu of summer drinks you can also see a huge variety of Cocktail Menu Templates as well.

Special summer deals

Cafe business is naturally slow in the summers so you need to provide customers with offers that incite them to visit. There are multiple ways you can do this. The simplest way is to offer discounts and vouchers in the summer so that people have a reason to visit. You can attract groups by offering 3 or 4 person deals like offering one free drink on the purchase of three. 

Desserts are quite popular in the summer so you can offer one free drink on the purchase of a cake which will naturally attract people to your cafe whenever they crave something sweet or whenever they want to purchase a cake for a friends birthday.

These may seem like very simple and small things but they do matter in the eyes of a customer and they can easily make your cafe earn well even in the off-season. 

Hold a jamming session at your cafe

People are always looking for a reason to get together during their summer vacations. Provide them with this opportunity by holding a jamming session or an open mic at your cafe. It will let all the music lovers in your area have fun while providing local artists with a chance to perform in front of a crowd. Friends can get together and have fun while you can also increase your popularity and sales. 

Be super welcoming to customers

What is the one thing people need everywhere they go? Internet, of course! Make your wifi open for all in the summers and put up a free wifi sign outside to make people aware. This will also attract those who want a quiet place to study or who have work from home and need a calming place to do so. 

Be caring and let them work in peace till whenever they want and they are bound to order something sooner rather than later. One added bonus is that people are more likely to visit a shop filled with customers rather than visit an empty shop. 

You can even go the extra mile to make them feel valued by collecting feedback and suggestions from customers and you can actually use their suggestions to improve your operations as well. Having well-trained and friendly employees can also leave a good and lasting impression in their minds and will make them want to visit you again and again.

Utilize social media and marketing

Social media is a huge part of everyone’s daily life these days so make use of it to increase your popularity and try to actually talk to your customers too through platforms like Twitter. Being active will keep you in people’s mind and marketing is really all about making sure people are thinking of your business nonstop. Reward your loyal social media followers by offering a promo code on your social media handles. The promo code will be a kind of reward to those who follow you on social media while also attracting them as they would not want to miss out on the offer!

We understand the off-season can be tough to deal with but fingers crossed these tips can make your cafe thrive in the summer as well!
Written by: Raahim Jamshed