Every creator knows that the Instagram algorithm is unpredictable. Till now, each social algorithm update on Instagram has helped brands and users get organic reach. Instagrammers must first understand the algorithm before posting content; the algorithm changes based on factors like trends, audience perception, etc. You may not change your marketing strategy continuously, but when you fix your plan, you have to look at the basics of the algorithm and then fix your process. If you want to rise above the algorithm, try to buy Instagram story views and reap better results. 

Let’s see in detail the effective strategies to win the Instagram algorithm. Let’s begin!

Insights On The Working Of The Instagram Algorithm

The Instagram algorithm is brilliant in analyzing the user’s posts. When you publish a post, it will compare the interaction of your previous posts. Furthermore, it checks on the fresh posts, i.e., newly arrived Instagram. The ranking factors of the Instagram algorithm include audience interest, timeliness, frequency, time spent, etc., The algorithm will check upon the post’s information, the person posted, their activity, and history of interaction. Luckily you can become successful despite the algorithm. 

8 Strategies To Win The Instagram Algorithm

1. Identify The Best Time To Post

Timing plays a significant role in the Instagram algorithm. Therefore, it would help if you tried to find the best time for your content. It is more common for Instagrammers to post during peak hours. However, the users may have other active engagement times as everyone’s audience is different. Therefore, it is better to schedule the post to stay ahead of the competition so that you can effortlessly reach your target audience at that particular time.  

2. Improve The Photo Quality

It is needed to deliver great content and photo quality to rank higher on Instagram. Great content with high-definition of pictures will attract the traction of millions of audiences. It would help if you met the audience’s expectations with attractive and original photos. Brands need to be professional to turn up the algorithm to their side. 

3. Publishing Contents

There are contradictory statements; some say to post consistently, whereas others say to post less. So experiment with both and choose the best one that suits your niche and account. Posting a single worthy content is more helpful than posting an average of 20 posts. Quality is more important rather than quantity. Also, remember that quality posts should reach the audience at the right time. 

4. Publish More Of The Video Content

Photos may get more likes, and videos get more reactions. Compared to images, videos will get more comments and increase engagement. It is proven that the algorithm ranks the videos with many comments rather than posts with many likes. The basic logic is that the content should make the audience spend a lot of time that drive engagement. 

5. Use Instagram Interactive Features

You may tweak the algorithm by using Instagram features like stories, Live, ads, etc. When you use these features efficiently, your audience will instantly spot you when they open the Instagram app. Moreover, your videos will appear higher on the feeds too. So go for more Lives often. As the audience like the interactive sessions more, it adds high value to your content. 

6. Harness The Power Of Hashtags

More importantly, hashtags play a significant part in the Instagram algorithm. A combination of high and low domain hashtags generates more engagement among the audience. You can use BuyRealGramViews to get more likes and followers and increase your reach. 

7. Organize A Contest Or Competition

The primary way to interact with your followers and stay on top of the Instagram feeds would be best if brands run a contest, competition, or giveaway. For example, you can ask them a question, and in return for the correct answers, you can give them a prize to the selected audience. Organizing a giveaway contest is the best choice to make your brand awareness among the people. 

8. Comment On Other Users’ Posts

You may have no idea how commenting on other users’ posts will be recognized by the algorithm. If you provide generic comments, then it may pave you the space to start a conversation. If you comment on competitors of your niche, many niche followers will recognize you, and you may acquire more new followers to your account. 

It will bring you as a first commentator, among others. It is simple you can appreciate, encourage or share the authentic experience with the brand. Do not think only the individual should comment on brands, and even the brands can give comments on competitors’ brand posts. Similar to Instagram dynamic change, break down the tradition and be unique!


It may grab a lot of effort and time to beat the Instagram algorithm and level up yourself among a large number of Instagrammers. If you are looking for instant reputation, you can opt to use BuyRealGramViews which boosts your performance. The algorithm updates as it goes ahead of time. Get inspiration for various features and level up your game.