OSRS: Wilderness Boss Rework Rewards Beta: First Impressions

Here’s what players can expect from the wilderness boss rework rewards and the beta servers.

Jagex announced the Wilderness boss rework rewards and released the new system’s beta on September 14th, 2022. There are four beta servers where you can go and try out the new wilderness bosses without losing any OSRS GP on your main or affecting it in any way. You won’t be able to earn any OSRS gold for your main either if you choose the beta servers, but you’ll get to experience firsthand how the new bosses feel and share your valuable feedback with Jagex.

OSRS Servers Available

There are currently 4 test servers that you’ll be able to identify in the list because of their blue color. Worlds 403, 405, 407, and 410 will be the dedicated servers while the boss rework is in the beta. Once you log in to any of them, you will be given specific stats and quest completion as long as you have access to some OSRS items you’d typically spend your OSRS GP on when attempting a wilderness boss. You will also gain access to the wilderness new weapons that you’ll either need to upgrade yourself on the main with 85 Fletching, Crafting, or Smithing or pay 500k OSRS gold to Andros Mai in Ferox enclave to upgrade them for you. That’s after you’re lucky enough to get the drop.

The Beta is Buggy As Heck

With unlocked quests and leveled skills, you will need to choose your weapons, fill your inventory and start exploring and experimenting with them. However, if you rushed to test this out, you’ll find that a few things don’t add up. For example, you’d have infinite run energy, preventing you from adequately testing the Chainmace special attack.

The upgraded version of Viggora’s Chainmace—the Ursine Chainmace—currently has a special attack that will drain the run energy of your opponent. If your opponent’s run energy is zero, the special attack will hit for double the amount. With infinite run energy, players couldn’t get a real feel of this weapon, especially the special attack, which is already under consideration for change.

Another case is the amulet of avarice, which was unavailable on the beta servers even though it is one of the most used neck pieces for the Wilderness. Mod Roq has confirmed over OSRS’ official discord that the missing items result from the team being busy with the update and that they intended to prioritize adding other items to the test servers as soon as they finalize the ongoing update-related work.

Additional Request

Players have also requested the addition of builds and boss-specific items. Such examples are the addition of the Combat Bracelet, and the Dragon’hai set for the Zerker build. Other items that Jagex fail to add on the launch of the beta worlds include Tombs of Amascut rewards that will help you better assess the items in PvP and PvE scenarios.

The reworked rewards seem to represent a whole new meta for anti-PKing. This is closely linked with the fact that the revenants cave provides the best weapons for any wilderness content. What this means is that wilderness PvMers will have better chances of surviving potential attacks when PvMing, by using the new reworked rewards from the wilderness bosses.

Even then, some players are still concerned about the potential dominance specific PvP groups could have over the bosses since something similar had happened before with the revenants’ cave. However, Jagex is reassuring the player base that the risk for clan dominance and protection fees imposed by these clans to solo players or small groups of players attempting to challenge the new wilderness bosses.

Appropriate Measures Will Be Taken

Mod Goblin has reassured the community that they have thought of measures to lower the risk of such scenarios, such as the solo-able versions of the bosses in single combat areas within the lower levels of the wilderness. Another preventive measure is bringing some of the wilderness unique outside of the wilderness to give players a fair longer alternative to farming for these specific drops.

The entry fee also helps mitigate the risk of scouting and raging, similarly to what had previously been experienced in the rev caves. Even though Jagex initially announced that the fee to enter the cave is 50k OSRS GP, they later admitted that the fee to enter any of the boss layers is still subject to change. Some players have gone as far as to suggest that the entry fee should scale with the value of the worn items to mitigate the risk for scouts. A fee that scales according to the worn items’ value could be beneficial in reducing the risk of low-level scouts entering the cave.