Snorting a drug can look appealing, but a drug like Mitragyna Speciosa is no joke. It’s a powerful organic drug, and it is available in a number of different forms like pills, powder, tinctures, and oils. People who take it very often avoid snorting or smoking it because it might be harmful to their health. These two ways of taking Kratom, such as snorting and smoking, are still not very common because of their effects. 

Snorting could be bad because when you snort a drug, it directly enters your lungs, then goes into your bloodstream, and travels to your brain, where all the problems begin. People do it to boost or increase the potency of the drug. Kratom is usually taken orally, which is the less detrimental way to take a drug because, through the mouth, the drug’s potency does not get much higher. 

Snorting Kratom: Not Documented but, Possible

When a person snorts Kratom, it forces the extract into the bloodstream, which moves through the stomach and intestines, the solution is soaked up by the walls of the stomach or the intestinal fringes. This can approximately take an hour or two to cause extreme effects when the chemical’s level rises in your blood. Snorting Kratom produces alcoholic substances that enter the blood flow where the blood takes those substances to the brain. This gives a high that is rapid, and way too potent than caused by oral ingestion.

Is it possible to inhale Kratom Extracts?

It can be snorted in powder form, but fewer people practice it and this is undocumented that how often people snort Kratom. It is rarely taken this way because this drug has several effects on people who have misused other CNS depressants. Such people may feel normal after snorting Kratom because they are already dependent on substances and other chemicals. Still, it does not lead to any intoxication, and it is just for these folks. But people who do not consume substances will get high when they take it orally.

Another reason that people snort the herb is that it is an organic drug, and is therefore less intoxicating because kratom has large amounts of plant fiber and cellulose. Therefore, even in powder form, it is not very strong. That’s why a substantial amount of the drug would need to be snorted soluble. On the contrary, fermented tea or consumption of capsules allows a notable amount of Mitragynine to be digested into the blood flow.

According to some research reports, the alkaloids present in Kratom are not easily ingested into the bloodstream by mucous membranes, contrary with the powder substances. Snorting Kratom may lead to throat damage, nose, and upper respiratory tract. This harm can range from nosebleeds to lung infections to pulmonary embolisms, or it can also cause blood clots in the lungs and stop blood flow.

Smoking kratom: Uncommon but May Increase

Smoking Kratom or any drug forces intoxicants much faster into your brain than sniffing it. It happens because smoking pulls alcoholic substances into your lungs, where the chemical is ingested by the alveoli together with oxygen. Then this is quickly passed to the brain. Injecting a drug into your veins is the only method that can get you much higher and moves faster towards the brain than smoking, snorting, and oral consumption. This drug originates in Southeast Asia, the primary technique to consume Kratom is chewing leaves, or it can be brewed into tea, but smoking is rare. Some cases of Kratom snorting were caught in the U.S, but still, this practice is quite rare. 

Mostly Kratom is sold in powder or pills form, so this shows clearly that it is for oral consumption. Powder and dried leaves of Kratom can be smoked on their own or through a pipe though there are not many reports of this practice. However, few reports of smoking Kratom say that the drug’s stimulant properties directly affect the brain and its opioid effects. 

Many similar results occur when the leaves of Kratom are chewed. The effects of smoking marijuana and tobacco are identical to smoking Kratom as it produces mild excitement but more relaxation.

Though kratom smoking is reported in some places but not very often because this drug is considered less harmful when taken in tea, capsules, or simply chewing the leaves. Kratom can cause more harm when smoked than it does in oral consumption. The reason is that it can increase the risk of lung cancer and other respiratory diseases as Kratom has a high level of tar in its leaves like tobacco. It will be discharged into your lungs when you smoke Kratom.

A Form of Substance Abuse that Requires Treatment

Many people have started abusing Kratom because they want to stop their substance addiction. The reason for this is that either they do not have the cost of rehabilitation and detox or do not know the time of it, so they consider this as their detox program. Kratom has no such dosing guidelines or attenuates procedures. However, if you go to particular addiction specialists, they can provide and assist you with a much better treatment to help you taper off your addiction to opioids.

 People can also get resources from these specialists on effective rehabilitation programs to help you in your withdrawal and your behavior around drugs.

Kratom does not have medications to support a detox process so it’s better to take medically supervised detox programs for withdrawal and relieve certain symptoms like pain, dizziness or nausea. Exploiting Kratom is very harmful to your health and it can even lead to overdose, mainly if you backslide to opioids and mistakenly combine these two.

Is It Safe to Snort Kratom?

Snorting Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa) powder has been reported now and then. Kratom users usually avoid its powder because it contains a considerable content of plant fiber and cellulose, which are ineffective. And also because it takes much longer to get high as you need more powder. Using Kratom powder for snorting will result in instant effects, which means you will be able to ingest a fatal amount of this substance and not be capable of altering the results. Once you have taken Kratom, you have to be patient till alkaloids are absorbed fully. So snorting it is not safe and could be extremely risky.


Snorting Kratom powder is gaining popularity day by day while the old ways of consuming the herb are losing their charm. We, however, strongly suggest you to avoid trying that since it can cause more harm than benefitting you in any way. Therefore, we recommend that you go for safe ways of consuming Kratom instead. The consuming methods that are deemed safer than snorting includes:

  • Taking it in the form of tea or any other beverage
  • Adding the powder into the meal of your choice
  • Having your dosage in the form of capsules
  • Taking Kratom powder raw and washing it down with water

You should also keep in mind that your nose and the sense of smell is an asset vital to your life. The negative effects and risks involved in sniffing Kratom surely outweigh the benefits. By now, we are sure that we’ve managed to turn off your decision to snort Kratom for all the reasons extensively discussed in the article above. Stay safe!