Chris Rock Oscars 2022 has been a part of an embarrassing incident at the ceremony for the 94th Academy Award between Will Smith and Rocks.

The 94th Academy Award named Coda the best feature film . Will Smith bagged the best actor award. The majority of things went just as you would expect but Will Smith decided to punch Chris for a comment on his wife.

The scene shocked the crowd and the viewers across the globe. People started reacting on their social media profiles after the news went all over the Twitter as well as Instagram platforms. There are speculations that this incident could be staged.

To learn more about the incident and the academy’s 94th award, continue reading Chris Rock Oscars 2022.

Will Smith and Chris Rock Incident:

Will Smith was nominated in the category for best actor for the the 94th Academy Award, and he attended the award ceremony together with his wife Jada Pinkett. At the moment of the incident, Chris Rock was on the stage and was comparing his hairstyle with Demi Moore from G.I. Jane.

On G.I., Jane Demi Moore was bald in her hair and Chris Rock mocked Wills’s wife in a tweet that said “he is anticipating G.I. Jane 2”. The comment did not go down nicely with King Richard actor as he took to the stage and was slapped by Chris Rock.

After Will Smith Slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars:

Jada pinkett Smith had Alopecia She was suffering from Alopecia, and had to remove her hair in order to combat the disease. Following her incident in the stage Will was heard shouting “Keep my wife’s name out of your mouth.”

Many in the audience believed that the event was stage-managed. However, after hearing the sentence above they realized that there was more to the story. The people who attended the award ceremony also became stunned when they heard this phrase.

Daniel Kaluuya, the presenter for the show, appeared on stage and embraced Will Smith. Denzel Washington came to Smith and led Smith to the stage along with Tyler Perry joined them and attempted to calm the situation.

Social Media Reaction on Chris Rock Oscars 2022 Incident:

The news of the incident became all over social media, and users responded differently. The majority of viewers initially believed the slapping incident was staged however, shouting back at Will Smith disapproves of that notion.

  • What was the story at Oscar’s? Was it true with Will Smith and Chris Rocks?
  • Will Smith Just cussed Chris Rock out?
  • Will Smith, oh God This seems embarrassing AF Oscars.
  • Me in my Chris Rock and Will Smith moment # Oscars.

These are just a few of the reactions to various websites for social networking.

Award in a Major Category in the category of Oscar 2022

Will Smith won his first Oscar for his role for the role of King Richard. Chris Rock at the Oscarspost has listed the winners in various categories.

  • Best Picture – CODA
  • Best Actor – Will Smith ( King Richard)
  • Best Director – Jane Campion (The Power of the Dog)
  • Best Actress – Jessica Chastain (The Eyes of the Tammy Faye)
  • Best Documentary Feature – Summer of Souls
  • International Feature Film – Drive My Car


When he received this award Will Smith apologized for the incident and also spoke about his role in the film King Richard. He also emphasized that the public should be taught to be tolerant of the adversity in this field and behave in a normal manner.