Do you know about the recent racial news story that occurred at Citibank? Based on our investigation we have found that the incident took place within Los Angeles 5000 Sunset Blvd.

The story is already a viral hit through social platforms. After viewing the video most people around the world are being criticized from the Citibank authority.

In this article we will discuss all the aspects that make up Citibank Sunset Boulevard Los Angeles. The _ is the _ that we will use to describe all the

What Do You Know About the incident?

Based on our investigation the incident occurred on the 22nd of March in 2022. A young black female is heading to Citibank to cash a cheque.

The problem comes when a bank employee is racially abusive towards the woman. Even the woman was removed by an employee at the bank.

The video goes famous via social media. The woman made the “Tiktok” clip and then shared the video via social media.

A lot of people are strongly critical of the situation. They even demand an explanation from the bank’s official.

What do you know About Citibank Sunset Blvd Los Angeles?

Based on our investigation it is located at 5500 W Sunset Boulevard Los Angeles, CA.

This Citibank branch is operational on Mondays through Saturdays. It is open between 10 am and 5 pm. On Saturday, however, the working hours are from 10 am until 2 pm.

The incident took place on Tuesday afternoon when a lady visited the branch. According to reports she was discriminated against based on race by the bank worker.

Following the incident there were many who were able to accuse the bank of being involved in the incident. Our investigation also revealed that this branch has also had a race history.

The aftermath of Citibank Sunset Blvd Los Angeles

Following the incident, a lot of people, particularly social media users and others, have been scathing about the incident.

Our research also indicates that the bank has received lots of negative reviews as a result of the incident. Many are also demanding that the bank’s authority be held accountable for the bank employee who was accused of being involved.

Banks are also receiving a lot of criticism over their conduct towards the lady. As shown in the video the bank authorities seized the cheque for an unspecified reason. The video also shows the lady had a breakdown in tears following the incident.

This is the main incident in Citibank Sunset Blvd Los Angeles.

What is the reason why News are Trending?

This news story is trending as this case is one of discrimination based on race. The bank’s authority has been guilty of racial discrimination towards the woman.

No one supports the bank that is on Social Media and the main demand is for justice. Because of this, the stories are becoming popular.

At The Very

Our investigation shows that the father of the lady has given her a check for home’s rent. The bank hasn’t paid her in cash.

Our investigation also shows that after this incident that the woman phoned the police. Police have begun investigation into the incident Citibank Sunset Boulevard Los Angeles .

We must clarify all of the information we’ve obtained from the web sources and news sites.