If you are looking for a fast, smooth and stable 3×3 that is also competition-level, the MoYu RS3M is definitely worth considering. Recently released, this cube has been turning heads in the speedcubing world due to its great performance and affordable price. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what makes the RS3M so popular and how it compares to other cubes on the market. So, if you’re ready, let’s get started

1. Overview of the cube

The MoYu RS3M is a 3x3x3 speed cube that was released in 2019. It was designed by well-known speedcuber Ruifeng Li, and is manufactured by MoYu. The RS3M is an update to the popular RS3 cube, and features a revised design and improved internals. The overall feel of the cube is very good, with smooth turns and a consistent level of resistance. The RS3M is a very fast cube, and is capable of speeds up to 10 TPS. It is also extremely stable, with very little unwanted movement. Overall, the MoYu RS3M is an excellent 3x3x3 cube that is sure to please both beginners and experienced cubers alike.It is an updated version of the MoYu Redi Cube, which was itself a rebrand of the ShengShou Master Cube. The RS3M features a revised design that improves upon the original in several key ways. First, the cube has been made significantly more stable, meaning that it is less likely to pop or lock up during solves. Second, the cubes internals have been redesigned to reduce friction and improve turning speed and smoothness. Finally, the cube comes with durable stickers that are resistant to both fading and peeling. Overall, the MoYu RS3M is a high-quality speed cube that is sure to appeal to both beginners and experienced cubers alike.

2. First impressions

The MoYu RS3M is a 3×3 speed cube that is designed for speedcubing. It has a smooth turning action and a fast, responsive feel. The cube has an excellent corner-cutting ability and a fairly good stickerless bright color scheme. The cube also comes with a set of replacement parts, including extra springs and screws. The RS3M is a great choice for beginner to intermediate speedcubers. However, more experienced cubers may find the cube to be too lightweight and sloppy. Overall, the MoYu RS3M is a good choice for beginners and intermediate speedcubers. It has a smooth turning action, great corner-cutting ability, and good colour scheme. However, more experienced cubers may find the cube to be too lightweight and sloppy.

3. The turning process

The RS3M MoYu speed cube is a smooth turning and fast cube. It has an adjustable tension and lube. The cube comes in white and stickerless. It is a 3x3x3 cube. The stickers are already applied on the white one. The size of the cube is 56mmx56mmx56mm. It weighs about 96g. The package includes the cube, a screwdriver, an instruction manual, and a MoYu card. The card has the QR code that links to the MoYu website. There you can find more information about the company and their products. The name MoYu is written in Chinese on the card 

The screws of this cube are reversed from other cubes so that they cannot be loosened by accident. They can be loosened and tightened with the included screwdriver. The cube has an excellent corner cutting and is very stable even at high speeds. There is almost no popping with this cube 

TheRS3M MoYu speedcube is a great choice for beginners and advanced solvers alike.

4. Corner cutting and stability

In the MoYu RS3M, corner cutting and stability are achieved through a variety of design features. The ball-bearing core is designed to allow for smooth turning, while the magnetic positioning system keeps the cube stable during PaRGi solved. The use of premium materials and construction techniques results in a cube that is both durable and stable, making it an excellent choice for competitive solving. magnet positioning system: allows for precise control over cube orientation while preserving stability ball-bearing core:engineered for smooth, fast turning consistent performance: high-quality materials and construction for reliable results corner cutting: up to 45 degrees Raspars solve: over 2 seconds per turn This paragraph discusses the design features of the MoYu RS3M that contribute to its exceptional corner cutting and stability. By using high-quality materials and employing innovative engineering, the RS3M provides solvers with a top-tier solve experience.

5. Overall thoughts on the cube

The cubeMoYu RS3M is an excellent budget speed cube. It has a smooth, fast, and responsive feel that makes it a joy to use. The turning is very crisp and the cube pops into place nicely. It also has very good corner cutting and none of the pieces were loose. The only downside is that the stickers are not of the highest quality, but they are serviceable. Overall, the cubeMoYu RS3M is a great choice for someone looking for a budget speed cube.

Conclusion : The MoYu RS3M is an excellent Rubik’s Cube for those looking to improve their speed cubing times. It has a number of features that make it a great choice for serious competitors, including magnets that keep the cube in place and help with stability, as well as a variety of colors that will please any competitor. If you are looking for an edge on your competition, the MoYu RS3M is definitely worth considering. You can also try the mf3rs cube which is available on cubelelo .