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Unknown Facts

Two Dale College junior students have been killed and fourteen more were injured. A minibus taxi that was travelling between East London and eQonce crashed onto the N2. This accident occurred because the driver of the taxi lost control of his vehicle. The learners were returning from East London’s sporting event. The injured were taken to hospital for treatment. After returning from a hockey match at a school in East London the boys experienced an injury. The Dale College Car Accident occurred.

Weziwe Tikana Gxothiwe offered her condolences for the families that have lost loved ones. All those in hospital wish a speedy recovery. Two innocent people lost their lives in this unfortunate accident.

Dale College

Dale College was established in 1861 as an all-boys public school. Site Bartle Frere (the governor of Cape Town) laid the foundation stone. After Sir Langham Dale, the school was renamed Dale College. He was the Superintendent-General of Education for the Cape Colony. It is a boarding school that houses boys in King William’s Town (Eastern Cape).

Dale College Accident

Two lives were lost by the Dale College family. Two people died in an accident involving a vehicle belonging to Dale College Boys Elementary and the hockey team. 14 others were also injured. Teachers and parents were also present at the accident scene. Rescue workers arrived on the scene in good time and helped the victims. The boys had just returned from playing hockey. Teachers, family, friends and relatives mourned the loss and paid tribute to the souls. Even those who were injured weren’t at risk until they were admitted to the hospital.

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The Dale College, which is situated on a beautiful site overlooking the Amatole Mountains, has impressive Herbert Baker Buildings. Two hostels are available at the high school. The one for junior students is the other for senior students. Per Ardua Ad Astra is the school’s motto. It is translated as “Through Struggle To the Stars.” The college offers opportunities in Sports such as Athletics, Cricket and Rugby, Squash and Gym.


It was a tragic accident that claimed the lives of two people and inflicted injuries to fourteen others. It has irreparable consequences for the Dale College and the families of the victims.