Silicone compression molding gives consumers more choices when customizing silicone parts. The mask is the only part of the ventilator treatment that is in direct contact with the human skin. The effective treatment of the ventilator is inseparable from a good mask . Do you understand the mask you use every day?

The role of the silicone parts

The function of the silicone parts is to form a closed system to ensure that the pressure reaches the upper airway accurately. If the mask leaks or is damaged, it will cause the machine to monitor the pressure inaccurately and directly affect the treatment effect. Therefore, masks are very critical in ventilator treatment. Silicone compression molding is an option well worth considering anyway.

At present, the types of masks are mainly divided into three categories: nasal masks, oral-nasal masks, and nasal pillows. The structure of the mask is mainly composed of a frame, silicone parts, and headband.

The silicone parts are in direct contact with the skin, and the material is very important. Be sure to choose silicone with good softness and fit; the design of the frame also has a variety of different styles according to the needs of different users; the headband mainly plays a fixed role, it is good The damage directly affects whether the mask may leak. For many customers from the perspective of cost-effectiveness, silicone compression molding can meet their requirements.

At present, most of the silicone parts headbands are designed with fabric and Velcro. ResMed’s new N20 mask has upgraded the headband and uses a magnetic buckle to make the mask more convenient and comfortable to wear.

How to make the silicone parts last longer

The main part of the mask is the silicone part: this part of the material is very “delicate”, we generally recommend that users

• Wash once every 1-2 days, the water temperature should be controlled within 30 degrees. This is the value that silicone compression molding brings to silicone.

• Avoid exposure to the sun, alcohol disinfection, scalding with boiling water

• Take care to trim your nails to avoid scratching the silicone on the mask

• Use a special cleaning solution for silicone parts or a milder neutral cleaning solution for mask cleaning

The structure and material of the silicone parts

The headband of the mask is not suitable for frequent cleaning, which will easily lead to the decline of the Velcro sticking effect and the elastic aging of the headband. We recommend cleaning every 1-2 weeks.

For the frame part, the main attention is to avoid external force and prevent crushing and deformation. Comparing silicone compression molding with other processes, its price and efficiency advantages are reflected.

When to change the silicone compression molding

The mask is a consumable item in the ventilator. The silicone part will naturally age. Some are like the tires of our car. No matter how well you maintain them, they will age; The mask should be replaced if:

• Have to tighten the headband frequently

• Noticing that the mask has lost its elasticity

• Feeling that treatment is not working as well as usual

• Found the silicone compression molding to be slippery, even after cleaning

• The silicone parts are visibly yellowed and hardened