Both residential and commercial places require efficient ductwork. The distribution of hot and cold air in the rooms is done by the ducts. It is necessary to keep these ducts clean as they impact the functioning of the HVAC system. The quality of the indoor air, allergies, temperature and many other things are associated with the ducts. Regular duct cleaning is crucial to maintaining the ducts. Whether you want to install new ductwork or maintain the existing ducts, it can be beneficial for you to know about the following duct systems:

  1. Flexible Ductwork

These ducts are perfect for places where rigid ducts can’t be installed. In this ductwork, bendable plastic is used. The cost of installing these ducts is quite low. Also, the process of installation is easy and quick. While fixing these ducts, the technicians make sure that too many bends and turns are avoided as they might interrupt the flow of the air. 

  1. Rigid Ducts 

As the name suggests, these ducts can’t be bent easily. They are rigid and perfect for businesses. They are mainly available in rectangular and cylindrical shapes. Rigid ductwork is dependable and hard. Based on the materials used in making the air ducts, the rigid ductwork can be of different types:

  • Fibreglass Lined Ducts 

These ducts have an inner lining of fibreglass. These ducts are commonly used in many residential and commercial places. The material is helpful in reducing the sound of the air conditioning unit. But, there are a few drawbacks to selecting this ductwork. It can be hard to maintain the cleanliness of these ducts. They could also get deteriorated and contaminated due to mould and bacteria. If your home has these kinds of ducts, get them repaired frequently by duct repair

  • Sheet Metal Ducts

These are one of the finest quality ducts that are made up of aluminium and galvanised steel. These ducts are sturdy. The chances of bacterial growth and mould infestation in these types of ducts are less. If you want long-lasting ductwork for your commercial place, this can be a perfect choice. 

  • Fibreboard Ducts

These are insulated ducts. They are great for transferring the hot and cool air throughout the building. Fibreglass strands along with resins make up the body of the fibreboard ducts. The ducts are surrounded by the foil sheet. This lamination helps in preventing moisture from affecting the material of the duct. 

  1. Semi-Rigid Ductwork

These ducts are perfect for ventilation. The performance of HVAC system and hydraulic pressure loss remain intact when these ducts are used. It is easy to maintain these ducts because they are resistant to bacterial growth. 

Some Factors to Check while Choosing the Ducts

There are some qualities of ductwork that you must take into consideration while selecting the ductwork for your commercial property. For your help, we have mentioned some features of air ducts:

  • There should be no leakages in the ducts. This prevents the loss of hot or cool air in the system. 
  • The ducts should be able to circulate even and the right quality of air in all the rooms. 
  • The size of the air ducts should be perfect. They must pass the pressure drop test. 
  • There should be a proper balance between the supply and return of the airflow. 
  • The ducts must be capable enough to reduce the losses and gains in the air temperature. 


Different ductworks have different pros and cons. Some are perfect for commercial places while some are apt for residential areas. The ductwork can be chosen depending on different factors like building area and cost. Even if you have already installed ductwork, the above list can help you in knowing more about it.