We’ve discussed the Dockleather site to find out if Dockleather is a scam or is a legitimate website.

Do you enjoy the look of leather footwear? Are you trying to find the best source to purchase leather online? If yes you’re in the right place, there’s the new online store will only deliver within customers in the United States. The store’s online address can be found at Dockleather com.

We advise that visitors take the time to read Dockleather.com Scam or legitimate before buying any item. In the end, we’ve set out to do the job of checking the site for our intended audience. To find out more regarding this Dockleather store and whether it is safe to be confident in its purchases, check out this article.

Validity of the Dockleather website

In the next step we’ll have to evaluate any technical issues that may affect the online shopping portal’s reliability.

  • Datum of domain registration: The site was launched on November 11 2021.
  • Credibility Score The Dockleather website appears to possess a lower level of trust at 8% which suggests that it’s not trustworthy.
  • Alexa Rank:The website selling leather shoes has zero for Alexa Rank. Dockleather reviews on com will be discussing Alexa details once more.
  • Site Age This dress shopping website is six months and 15 days old. This indicates that it’s just not trustworthy.
  • End of Life Date This Dockleather.com domain expires on November 11th 2022. This means that the life expectancy for the url of the website is low.
  • Origin of the country: Founded in California in the USA.
  • Data Security A connection to HTTPs ensures the security of sensitive data.
  • The proximity To Suspicious Web Sites 29/100.
  • Risk Profile 29/100.
  • score for Phishing: 29/100.
  • Malware Score 18/100.
  • Spam Score 7/100.
  • Social connections Dockleather is not active social media profiles. This means that the website is devoid of any social networks.

Check out Dockleather.com Scam or Legit

Dockleather is an online store that offers the latest fashions in leather shoes for women and men. The store online offers many styles of shoes available with different styles. The site is specialized in boots made of leather that are durable and stylish. They offer a variety of sizes available to select from. The cost of shoes can range from $75 to $100. A few options of colors such as brown, black, white and Khaki green are also available.

Product Variety

  • Man’s leather shoes
  • Man’s Leather Boots
  • The Low Ankle leather boots for women
  • Very High Ankle Shoes made of leather for women

We must then evaluate other elements to decide if Dockleather.com scam and/or not. The visibility of the website, Alexa Rank, validity criteria, customer feedback along with the advantages and disadvantages of the site and even functionality are just a few of other aspects we need to evaluate. We’ll then examine some of the website’s features and functions.

Specifications of the Dockleather website

We will examine elements related to the functional activities of the website within features. Let’s get started.

  • Buy products at: https://www.dockleather.com/
  • E-mail address: Support@Dockleather.com
  • address:308 Maple Drive (North), Beverly Hills, California, USA, Zip Code 90210.
  • Social Media Link: There seem to have been no social media accounts that are connected to Dockleather. Dockleather website. The information related to social connections will aid in the determination of Dockleather scam or legitimate.
  • Owner’s details: Not available
  • Shipping PolicyThe shop’s leather products are shipped free on any products.
  • Terms and conditions of use: Plagiarism is in the usage.
  • shipping: Items are shipped to the US within 5-8 business days.
  • Tracking Information:Tracking information is being delivered via email.
  • Refund Policy: Free cancellation within one day.
  • Returns You are eligible for a 30 day swap or return.
  • Return:Money refund time not stipulated.
  • Payment modePayPal is the most popular method of payment.

The Positive Sides to Dockleather

  • Doesn’t charge a delivery fee.
  • Orders are processed within 5-8 business days.
  • 1-day cancellation policy.

Negative Highlights of Dockleather

Review by Customer

We did find several online Dockleather reviews on com. However, we could not find any Dockleather reviews of products. There are no customer reviews or social media reviews.

We have only seen a few YouTube videos that were rated and a poor Alexa Ranking. This is why we are suspicious of the site and causes us to believe that it’s fraudulent. To know further about frauds with credit cards , visit this site.

Final Verdict

Dockleather is an internet store with a low trust rating and a high risk profile, very little social interactions and no feedback. It could be a scam. Beware of it. Readers can also find out more information about frauds committed by PayPal and PayPal Scamsby visiting this link.