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The game is hosting a countdown to its 7th anniversary. Everyone is very excited about this. Please read the following post for more information. This Dokkan 7TH Anniversary Banner will inform you about its 7th year and provide other useful information.

Why is everyone talking about Dokkan ?

Dokkan is very popular among players due to its entertaining nature. It’s been seven years since its inception and is now approaching its seventh year. Everyone wants to know when and where the banner celebrating its 7th anniversary will be released. It became the most sought-after item on the internet.

Many speculate about when the banner release will be. It is expected to be available July 8th, according to our research. The 7th anniversary celebration of Dokkan is finally here.

Dokkan 7TH Anniversary Countdown

Everybody is excited about the Dokkan Battle Game after 7 years. Players will be awarded for their participation. The countdown campaign offered beneficiaries the chance to earn amazing rewards for completing missions with friends. It’s finally here.

Logging in every day for seven days before the anniversary can earn you Celebration Summon Tickets and Dragon Stones. The 7th Anniversary! Summon Tickets can be used in summoning. Are you ready to receive amazing rewards on Dokkan7TH Anniversary Banner Continue reading to learn more.

Dokkan Scout Campaign.

Dokan Scout Campaign is currently on a mission. You can also find a friend who can help you complete missions and earn rewards. To ensure that your friend can see it, create your Scouting Code on the Dokkan Scout page. Complete the quests together to earn Dragon Stones. Once your survey is completed, you’ll both be able to access the tasks.

You can earn incentives on Dokkan 7TH Anniversary Banner depending on how many players you have returned. Every step will lead to the distribution of Aged meat, Dragon Stones and Hercule Statues. This will allow you to earn many wonderful gifts.


This post summarizes information we provided about Dokkan, a mobile-based online fight game that has been around for seven years. It is currently preparing to celebrate its seventh anniversary. The anniversary offers players the chance to win amazing incentives. To learn more about online games , please visit this link

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