Different studies have confirmed the benefits of consuming cherries regularly for the body's health. They are fruits with important nutritional value and thanks to their properties it offers favorable effects for the functioning of the immune system .

Thus, it is necessary to take into account that there are numerous types of cherries or sour cherries, although practically all share similarities in terms of their properties and nutritional value.

Cherries contain a significant amount of water, carbohydrates and fiber. They are also rich in fructose, which is why they provide good amounts of sugars to the body, although this does not mean that they are too caloric.

In this sense, from ' Salud Mapfre ' explain that cherries are a food that can be included without any problems in a balanced diet and healthy. It also highlights its content of vitamin A, vitamin C, and minerals such as potassium, calcium and magnesium.

Cherries beneficial for the immune system

On the other hand, cherries are a type of food of plant origin beneficial for the correct functioning of the immune system . This is due to its high content of anthocyanins, a type of water-soluble pigments that give reddish and purple vegetables, such as red fruits.

Cerezas Cherries

Thus, the benefits of this food for the immune system are based on its high content of antioxidant properties, such as polyphenols (ellagic acid); in addition to being rich in potassium folic acid and vitamin C in moderate amounts.

On the other hand, cherries are a source of fiber, although not in too high a quantity. And it is to take between 20 grams and 35 grams of fiber per day is beneficial for the body.

In addition to being a beneficial food for the health of the immune system, cherries are also rich in potassium, a key nutrient for heart rate and muscle contraction.

Recommendations for cherry consumption

Due to the characteristics of cherries in terms of their nutritional value, they are indicated for people with constipation, since fiber helps regulate intestinal transit .

It is also beneficial in cold seasons where the risk of viruses and colds increases, providing the immune system with different antioxidant nutrients for its correct action.

In children's nutrition, cherries also play a key role, because in addition to their flavor, they are an ideal food to start incorporating fruits among the little ones. However, to avoid any risk of choking, it is advisable to remove the central bone.

In another order of things, cherries are recommended after episodes of vomiting and / or diarrhea. Normally, after these health conditions, the body loses significant amounts of potassium, so the consumption of this type of fruit helps to restore adequate levels.

It is also an ideal food for sportspeople after carrying out an important physical exercise, since cherries provide potassium and sugars, two essential elements for recovery after physical activity.

Finally, it is important to remember that cherries are a superfood to reduce the risk of fluid retention in health; as well as the risk of derived health problems, such as hypertension, hyperuricemia or gout.