Did you see some Ad for Ecochip fuel saver on the internet? Are you wondering whether Ecochip could actually reduce your consumption of gasoline or is it just an untrue product? Check this review to learn all you should be aware of Ecochip OBD2.

According to the FTC the FTC, online shopping and negative reviews will be the second most-reported fraud-related category for 2021. In light of this, we’ve assumed the duty of evaluating websites, stores, and more. to ensure the financial security of our readers.

This Review of Ecochip serves as an eye-opener. We hope that it can meet your needs in good time and at a reasonable price.

Ecochip: Legit Gas Saver or Scam?

According to the website, the gadget can reduce the amount of fuel consumed by 15% to 30%. Based on our analysis, this claim is completely incorrect. Look at the inconsistent claims below. Below –

  • It’s a simple piece of rubbish that has been reused several times. In 2017, the identical product came on the market. It was called Ecofuel which was similar to Ecochip it did not do a thing.
  • What these websites do is purchase thousands (if they are not buying hundreds (if not thousands) from generic OBD2 fuel-saving devices made in China at a cost of $3 (or lower,) design their own packaging and then resell it to you for around $40 each.
  • While they’re sold under various names, have unique packaging, and fancy websites These OBD2 gasoline savers frauds and must be avoided at all times. 

Eco Chip doesn’t affect fuel consumption in any way. Let’s face it – it was designed to make money. It’s just a magnet that you attach to the fuel line. This device doesn’t alter the molecular structure of fuel prior to it reaching your fuel injection system. It’s just an expensive LED flasher.

Does Eco Chip OBD2 Really Reduce Fuel Consumption?

Do not believe the glowing reviews on the internet OBD2 devices do not perform. After opening and dissecting the EcoMax Plug and Drive OBD2 unit, we found that it was a sham. The first thing to note is that it does not have a drive for the CAM.

The unit does not have any connection for OBD communication. All that is connected is the power that allows Flasher flashing. To achieve what they claim it is necessary to revamp the vehicle. The main components of the amount of fuel a car needs are: the vehicle’s weight the size of tires, vehicle weight, friction, rolling resistance moving parts, the amount of moving components in the driveline and so on. There is nothing plug-and-play that can change these fundamental elements.

If you’re thinking about cutting down on your fuel usage, Energy.GOV has an array of useful strategies to reduce fuel consumption including combing journeys, clearing your car of weight that isn’t needed maintaining your vehicle in top condition, and tips on the best way to steer clear of driving aggressively.

In isolation, each of the tips may seem insignificant however, when combined the savings in fuel will make a difference.