On Prime Video, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power carries us on a fresh and exciting voyage via Middle-earth. It depicts what occurred before Sauron became king and the creation of the One Ring. Tolkien’s works are so complex and full of minor things that it’s natural to get lost from time to time. Even so, it’s challenging to remember who or what the Valar were, why and how the elves battled Morgoth during the First Age, as well as where all the kingdoms were destroyed after the Last Alliance fell apart. To help you navigate this new journey, we’ve researched all of The Rings of Power’s Easter eggs and citations to ensure you receive all of the spoilery theories you require, never to feel hopeless. Click here to watch the 123 movies.

Depending On the Rights They Own, TV Shows Can Explain

Even before The Rings of Power came out, we looked into Tolkien’s books to see which stories the series could tell based on the rights that Amazon owned. Even though the first few episodes are already out, the show is meant to run for a minimum of 5 seasons. So, if you want to know what happens next, we’ve put together a handy guide to everything that happens in the Second Era of Middle-earth and that the series is allowed to show.

The Connection Between “Rings Of Power” And “The Lord Of The Rings”

Even though Tolkien created a vast world full of myths and epic battles, most individuals only understand it from Peter Jackson’s sequence. So, to make us feel less disoriented as we reach Tolkien’s nation’s Second Age, let’s take a moment to reflect and discuss how Prime Video’s episode ties to the most successful movie series of all century.

A Guide to Middle-Ages Earth’s

What does it mean that The Rings of Power are set in the Second Age of Middle-earth? When did the First Age start? How many Ages does Tolkien’s world have? We’ve put together a helpful explainer to help you understand the historical scope of The Rings of Power without having to read a bunch of books before watching the show.

In ‘The Rings of Power,’ Who Are the Ring-Bearers?

A ring is meant to go around the finger of a person. And if there is more than one Ring of Power in Middle-earth, that means there are more than one Ring-Bearers in Tolkien’s world. But who were the first people to wear the Rings of Power? How did these rings pass from one person to another over time? This article tells you everything you need to know about the powerful people who found a Ring of Power.

Why Elrond is important in Middle-earth

In this article, we tell you more about Elrond’s history and show how he has had a big impact on Middle-earth since the First Age. Elrond is one of the few characters who see the war against Morgoth and is still alive when Sauron dies after Frodo throws the ring into Mount Doom. So, if you know more about Elrond, you know more about Middle-history.