On January 22, 2021, I took the CISA test, and the test result was “passed” (the specific score at present still unknown). Writing Test classics is mainly to summarize my recent experience in preparing for the test, and also hope to provide reference for the small partners who prepare for the test of CISA later.

Personal Background:

I have 2 years of IT audit experience in the firm, and I don’t know much about IT and audit cciedump spoto. It is even more obscure and difficult to understand. Later, I joined the enterprise for internal control for more than 2 years.

2、 Reference materials and usage

Main data: CISA official exercise set

Supporting materials: CISA official textbook, Baidu

Take the exercise set as the leading factor and do the questions directly. If you don’t understand, first look at the answer analysis on the exercise set, and then check the textbook or Baidu if you don’t understand

3、 Test preparation time

From November 2020 to January 2021, it takes nearly three months to prepare for the exam, with an average of 4 hours a day.

4、 Test preparation experience

Mainly repeatedly brush questions, and take notes to help you sort out your knowledge points.

Brush the questions for the first time, mainly to have a general impression of the content and get familiar with it.

Brush the questions for the second time, strengthen the understanding of the repeatedly investigated knowledge points, that is, the key investigation objects, including viewing the answer analysis, textbooks and Baidu, and summarize to a certain extent at the same time to form notes.

Brush the questions for the third time, and summarize the wrong questions according to the causes of the errors. 1. If the knowledge points are not mastered (not understood or remembered), the topics will be classified into different topics. Under each topic, they will be divided according to different angles of investigation, and the topic number will be marked (for the convenience of later questions to consolidate understanding), such as encryption related topics, including hash function (A4 XXX), key (A4 XXX), public and private key encryption system (A4 XXX), digital signature (A4 XXX), certification authority (A4 XXX), etc; 2. For the problems caused by not mastering the problem-solving ideas, summarize the problems with fixed problem-solving ideas, such as the auditor’s response measures to the audit findings; The third is to summarize the common pitfalls in the topic caused by the error of topic examination, such as “prevent…” or “detect…” in the topic stem.

Brush the questions for the fourth time, check the deficiencies and make up the omissions, and mark the questions that you don’t master (the questions that you can’t immediately and definitely choose the correct options). The questions that you didn’t grasp were divided into three levels: “memory to be strengthened”, “understanding to be strengthened” and “complete incomprehension”, and marked with label paper of different colors.

Brush the questions for the fifth time, only look at the questions marked with color, continue to mark the questions that have not been mastered, and continue to brush repeatedly in the later stage until all the questions are mastered (understand each option).

Each time you brush the questions, you will further improve the notes summarized before (the notes are electronic, which is convenient to add, correct and adjust the priority at any time). Summarizing the process of notes can help you digest and understand, strengthen memory, and facilitate later viewing and reference.

Finally, the review methods may vary from person to person. Choosing the one suitable for yourself is the best. The above personal views are for reference only.

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