Reading books might not be the favorite thing for everyone. However, have you ever given a thought about the book fests? To be honest, I was completely dicey myself too. But after attending several literary festivals worldwide, I am pretty much confident that this is the best thing you can do when not in a beach mood. 

That said, there are so many book extravaganzas happening in many corners of the world and are open for book lovers as well as casual visitors. Just like that, the famous Newburyport Literary Festival is a perfect example of intelligence. So, quickly book your plane tickets to Massachusetts and witness this fun ride.

Check out the top book festivals of the world, which you can witness and enjoy on a solo trip or even with your family/ travel buddies. 

What Are Literary Festivals?

Literary festivals, also known as book festivals, are a type of festival organized to gather around book lovers from different parts of the world. In this celebration, writers/ book authors and readers join up to discuss a synopsis of a newly published book or initiate storytelling every year in different geographical locations. 

The main motive of this festival is to promote certain publications and foster love for writing and literature. Furthermore, book fairs also involve writer’s conferences designed to provide an academic focus to a group of writers and not for the whole public. You can book cheap flights with several airlines, Copa Airlines and explore the popular literary festivals of the world.

You’d be surprised to know how popular this festival is, even if it looks underrated. Besides, it’s the best time to explore the world of books and even have a meet-up with some of the most popular book authors of the world.

Which Is The Largest Literary Festival In The World?

The largest book fest in the world takes place in Jaipur, India. It was established in 2006 and goes by the name, Jaipur Literature Festival. Besides, it is one of the best book festivals you can ever visit. The main venue of this book fair is The Diggi Palace Hotel, with several sessions held at the Hall of Audience and throughout the gardens of the hotel. 

The main organizers of this fest are Namita Gokhale and William Dalrymple and produced by Teamwork Arts. Additionally, it was founded to be an initiative to promote literature. It was a segment of the Jaipur Heritage International Festival, but two years laters it became so successful that it relaunched as an independent book festival to be held in the city.

Gaining an extensive popularity, this fest has hosted around 2000 speakers. These experienced authors come here to educate and teach millions of writers and book lovers on how they can polish their writing skills. It is a five-day festival and includes a wide list of events from book reading and promotion of books to storytelling.

Top Literary Festivals In The World

1. Buenos Aires Book Festival

The incredible book ride of Buenos Aires is considered as a significant literary festival for the Spanish speaking world. Additionally, it’s a 20-day festival conducted in April, and witnesses over one million visitors and participants from around the world. So, you can visit Buenos Aires, and attend this festival along with other attractions of the city. The fest exhibits in around 450 square meters in the grounds of Argentine Society. Interestingly, there is a two-day professional workshop organized for literary agents, graphic designers, printers and everyone involved in the literature industry. Plus this is conducted before the gateway of the festival is open for the general public.

2. The Edinburgh International Book Festival

It is one of the most vibrant and best book festivals of Edinburgh. In addition, it attracts over 2 lakhs visitors every year. Being a 16-days book fest, it is conducted in August and covers around 900 events with plenty of attractive events. Further, this event allows people to meet their favorite book authors and let them be a part of literary debates. Plus if you’re traveling here with kids, you can take them in the storytelling events and educational sessions for their learning developments.

3. International Literary Festival of Paraty

It is a significant part of Brazil’s cultural events, and takes place annually in the town of Paraty. It is organized in July and is located on the Pereque-Acu River in the vicinity of Rio de Janeiro. Moreover, for consistent five days, Brazillians and even foreigners pace up their cultural mode and gather along to begin the literary festival. The literature celebration becomes a perfect place to have a meet with international authors, poets and play-wrights, attend literature workshops, and participate in debates. An interesting part of this event is Flipinha, which is focused on providing an enriched experience of literature and storytelling to children. 

4. LA Times Festival of Books

Conducted annually to celebrate literature, the LA Times book event is one the best literary festivals in the world. It is a significant part of California and goes on for two days in a row in April. Further, it attracts more than one lakh visitors and participants from around the world. Fortunately, most of the festival’s sessions are free of cost, attracting numerous people to honor literature and written words. For these two full days, people can come here and attend numerous sessions of inspiring workshops, reading events, and interactive storytelling festivities.

5. The Library of Congress National Book Festival

The residents of Washington D.C. eagerly await for this celebration of literature. In addition, the event takes place in August every year at the National Convention Center. The festival embarks on an exciting range of events, especially organized for book lovers and writers of all ages. The events even include a line of authors who only write books for kids. Plus, the Wells Fargo event offers half-hourly readings, audiobook zones and children’s activities.