This article is about the Factle Wordle online game. It’s a game that relies on facts. All details, such as the rules and gameplay, will be provided.

Wordle, nerdle and hurdle are all well-known games in the world. Did you know that Factle is a game? The Factle Gameplay is a delight for people around the world . Wordle is not compatible with the Factle Gameplay. The rules are similar, but the game is completely different.

This article will cover the gameplay, platform and rules of the Factle Wordle.

Short on Factle

Garrett Scott developed Factle Gameplay. Factle Gameplay is, as its name suggests, a game that relies on facts. Each day, the game will give players a fact question. The objective is to correctly place the correct block and guess the answer.

You can play the game on the official Factle app website. The Instagram page also has previous facts. You can return to the game after you have played it once per day.

How to play Factle Game ?

The Factle Gameplay gives a fact at the top and offers several options. The top five rankings will be determined by the players’ ability to use the words provided. To find the correct order, you can use Wikipedia or another source. There are 23 options and 25 blocks. These blocks require players to use the correct order of words according to the given fact.

For example, the Factle fact for the day is that the largest animal on Earth (as measured by top weight) is named Factle fact of today. The Factle Wordle will then give blocks.

There are many options, including Orca, Rhinoceros and Giant Squid. These words must be correctly spelled out in order to reach the top five ranking.

Rules for Factle Gameplay

These rules are the same as those in Wordle. Players will be asked to fill five columns and five rows with their guesses. The colours will change after you fill in the first row.

  • If the tile turns green, it is likely that the guesser is in the correct row or incorrect position.
  • If the tile turns yellow when you submit the answer in Factle, it means that the guess was in the correct row but in the wrong position.
  • The tiles’ colour will change to indicate the correct order after you have entered the first five words. You will need to enter the names of the animals according to the top five ranks.
  • Five rows will be provided, so you’ll have five chances to correctly guess the order.


The Factle App is an online game you can play on the official website for Factle Gameplay. It is simple to play and offers a different gameplay from the Wordle game. This makes Factle Wordle even more fun. The objective of the game is to identify the top five ranks for a given fact.