The guide gives details about what is known as the Fahrenheit scam to warn traders as well as Fahrenheit members.

Crypto trading scams are not new because they are commonplace, and numerous people are victimized every single day. Recently, a trading bot located in Indonesia was taken down after committing fraud.

Fahrenheit’s trading robot has seen a decrease or decline in recent times, and this is documented and shared by the YouTube artist Roy Shakti. He made the announcement of the collapse of the trading robot business on March 7, 2022 Monday, on the YouTube Channel.

Following the announcement, a lot of people began to inquire concerning the Fahrenheit Scam. There are a few information provided from the YouTube artist.

Briefing About Fahrenheit

Fahrenheit is a robot for trading company based located in Indonesia It is a trading robot company based in Indonesia, and it operates on cryptocurrency trading in a way that is automated by using an online brokerage Lotus International LLC. The robot that trades has been working in this niche since 2021. The robot is said earning 1% on trading each day, and earn 30% of its earnings per month prior to profit sharing.

The robot trades on its own and is supported with an expert advisor, or robot. Recently the robot that trades is alleged to be an attempt to defraud people by using margin calls or MC. This has caused a lot of traders worried.

What is the Fahrenheit Scam?

Fahrenheit is the trading bot that is believed to be a fraud, created by the margin call. In the course of a scam, members’ accounts are losing money within the trading group of the trader.

According to expert in finance Roy Shakti, there is margin calls occurring on the accounts of members of Fahrenheit. The analysis shows that member’s accounts are losing money regularly. The mode of MC is operated through the team that manages the robot that trades which leads to the Fahrenheit Scam.

The situation has made the members anxious, and they are trying to figure out how to stop these frauds. But, the management has pledged to provide WD to help the members. Fahrenheit and its affiliates are also blocked by CoFTRA and are considered to be a criminal trading robot.

Who Reported the Scam?

7 March 2022 an expert in financial services posted an online video to his YouTube channel. His name was Roy Shakti, who unveiled and exposed the fraud. He documented the fallout that the robot was trading. He also shared an image showing that the member’s accounts are experiencing significant losses within the group of trader communications.

He explained that a margin charge was made to one of the participant’s accounts, which led to the Fahrenheit Scam. He uploaded a video showing how one member lost all his funds, showing the balance as minus. The authorities have MCed the entire system and stopped the robot that trades.


Fahrenheit is a robotic trading company that helps traders trade online. However, a fraud is underway, which was discovered and disclosed by a financial specialist, Roy Shakti, on his YouTube Channel. The video reveals that the user’s accounts are being subject to Margin Calls, which means there is a scam going on where accounts are losing money.

The Fahrenheit Scam was first reported on the 7th of March to warn members of the Fahrenheit Scam users. Anyone trading using the robot should check their accounts to find out whether the account was affected by MC. Additionally, be sure to learn the guidelines on how to protect yourself from the Scam.

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