This article reviews the new release Fairy, Sword Forever Together, and discusses its review.

Are you familiar with the tale of Sword and Fairy These two eagerly awaited games were released this year on the PlayStation Four & Five with a new title. It’s an action-plus adventure video game that was recently developed by China Mobile Entertainment Group. Many PlayStation users are curious about the game Worldwide.

Softstar Technology is the co-developer. Now gamers want to learn more about Fairy, and Sword Forever Together. We need to be clear about the subject and inform our readers.

What do you know about the New Edition?

This announcement was made 23 May 2017. This development was announced by the company five years ago. The public beta was made available as per an announcement on February 2, 2021. Facebook also released a beta.

The pre-sale started 28 July 2022, and was open to gamers from Taiwan and Mainland China. The game, as with other games, is based upon Chinese mythology.

Fairy and Sword Review

Many people would like to read the review before they play the game. This part was thoroughly researched and we have come up with the following conclusion.

  1. Both gamers and experts have given positive and negative feedback.
  2. It was a good story with a great script. It is also a great soundtrack.
  3. Gamers can be amazed at the adventure in the game.
  4. One of the negative aspects is the many bugs that prevent the game from continuing.
  5. Some plots in the game are not based on fact.

Fairy and Sword Forever together The Basic Features

There are also some basics features to the game. These features must be described to the reader.

  1. Gamers will be amazed by the game’s mythological elements. These fantasia can be explored by gamers.
  2. Gamers can also learn new skills through the game.
  3. The story is 30 hours long and players will be able to see the details of the game plan.
  4. As you can see, the graphics, capture, and feed are excellent.

We also see mixed reactions to the Sword and Fairy Review. The concept is popular. However, many people found negative aspects to the game.

Why does the news circulate?

We have already informed you that the pre-sale for the boxed edition began on 28 July 2022. The news is exciting for many gamers. Many media outlets have both reported positively and negatively on the game. More updates are on the horizon.


Finally, we can conclude that the current game has other motivations. Many gamers found the game to be fun and exciting. We know that there will be many reviews about Fairy and Sword Forever Together.

All data has been provided by the trusted source. You can also visit the official Play store to learn more about this game. Did you play the game? Comment, please.