The people with diabetes usually also suffer from imbalances in the levels of cholesterol and triglycerides, which forces them to adopt habits of healthy lifestyles , including diet, exercise and other additional recommendations.

Both cholesterol and triglycerides perform important functions in the body, however, it is important that these two types of fats are in adequate amounts, since it depends on this that different types of fats can be prevented. types of cardiovascular problems, which are very common in diabetic patients.

Now, within the changes mentioned, the feed is the which has a greater importance when it comes to balancing these health indicators , hence the importance of eliminating certain foods from the diet and include others that are healthy, for this reason it is that in the following article we wanted to make known some nutritional recommendations.

What to consume to control cholesterol, triglycerides and diabetes?

One of the first recommendations is to include fish in the usual menu, at least two or three times a week, although it is also important to avoid eating it fried and if desired, it is best to use extra virgin olive oil, in the same way that you should eat turkey or chicken two or three times a week, cooking without skin.

Likewise, the amount of beef or pork meat should be reduced. consumed, including in amounts that should not exceed 90 grams, once or twice a the week, always preferring lean cuts, as is the case of the loin.

When it comes to eggs, the yolks should not exceed three units per week, it being preferable to cook only the whites or it can be prepared in a portion of two whites for each yolk.

It is also essential to reduce or avoid the intake of sausages

, such as bologna, sausages, chorizos, among others, as well as reducing the intake of cheeses or dairy products that contain high amounts of fat, so it is suggested to consume milk and its derivatives that are skimmed.



On the other hand, legumes are recommended as a substitute for animal products, in addition to completely eliminate the intake of butter, lard, bacon or pork rinds, as well as desserts rich in sugar and fat, increasing the consumption of 49982foods rich in fatty acids such as omega-3 and omega-6.

Foods such as almonds, olives, walnuts, avocado, pine nuts or pistachios, despite being healthy, should be consumed in moderation.

The cooking method is another factor to take into account, with boiled, roasted, baked or stewed foods being preferable, in addition to the suggestion of eating a daily dish that is free of dairy products. Animal origin.

Other suggestions

Food is something that should not be taken lightly, therefore, professional help should be sought in order to plan a healthy, nutritious and balanced diet.

It is best to base the diet depending on the health conditions and the indicators that are shown by the tests that the doctor regularly recommends.

Likewise, it is recommended to have the advice of a nutritionist , since It is only about knowing what foods to consume, but also taking care of the portions and combinations, since good health also depends on this.