While we try to maintain a healthy life with exercise and food, we must keep in mind what it means for our body to control the blood pressure.

Because blood pressure is one of the big headaches of many people who know that in their lifestyle they find the easiest answer to the treatment they seek.

We know that when blood pressure is high, it is called hypertension . And this situation occurs when the blood presses a lot against the wall of our arteries.

Sometimes those same arteries are overwhelmed and this unsustainable situation gives rise to our blood pressure going through the roof, or it drops in some cases when the blood does not arrive good.


Although it is true that putting ourselves in the hands of our doctor is the best option, we can also gain ground in this situation with natural remedies through our meals.

As pointed out by the specialized media Cuerpomente, there are several factors that could have triggered this situation of hypertension.

    On the one hand, the increase in blood volume due to some type of renal alteration as well as a poor regulation of sodium.

    Due to the poor condition of the arteries or the accumulation of calcium in the walls.

    Due to altered vasodilation due to stress, stimulants or poor diet.

    Like everything in life, his thing is to be able to get a balanced diet, and above all to combine it with exercise and good rest .

    Although it makes fewer headlines than food, a good rest is essential to be able to recover all your energy and start again the next day.

What foods do I eat?

We must avoid foods that include high amounts of sugar, and especially things that are spicy or that contain a lot of sodium.

On the other hand, we will look for our greatest possible well-being foods rich in potassium as well as in phytochemical compounds.

In this way, we will guarantee that our body compensates for the effect of sodium on the distribution of body fluids and we will dilate the arteries.

By presenting various foods that are more than beneficial for relieving our blood pressure, we first highlight garlic, which is antibacterial and has positive properties.

We also recommend the onion, which favors the good circulation of our blood. Likewise, virgin olive oil is rich in antioxidants such as vitamin E.

Legumes are as appetizing as they are nutritious, recommended at least 4 or 5 times a week in our diet. Not only in chickpeas, we can find legumes in hummus, salads or stews.

Cinnamon helps us to regularize blood levels in our arteries, but like other foods, it is not good for us to abuse it either.

Celery is convenient because it eliminates sodium and the pear is one of the fruits that makes you feel better due to its extensive diuretic benefits.