Are you aware of the Hamilton murder? On her honeymoon, a woman was killed when her golf buggy crashed into another. It happened Monday, 20 June. According to the police report, the couple was celebrating their honeymoon in the area. The accident occurred during this happy time.

The news was published in Australia. Many people were shocked by the news after reading about it. We will be discussing the incident and revealing the details about Golf Buggy Accident Hamilton Island.

What was the Incident?

The newlywed couple was on Hamilton Island enjoying their honeymoon. The couple was involved in an accident at that moment. The “golf buggies”, the most popular vehicle in this park, are well-known. Hamilton Park is home to many people who drive their cars. It is one of many modes of transport in the park.

This vehicle was being driven by the woman who had been in an accident. The buggy was driven by her husband. The husband suddenly wanted to make a U-turn. The husband attempted to make a u-turn but the vehicle crashed into the woman and she was killed.

Golf Buggy Accident Hamilton Island

The lady was only 29 years old. According to the report, the couple got married in Sydney a few days ago. They had just started their married life here when the accident happened. The accident was immediately reported to the police by the residents.

The police arrived on the scene immediately and began an investigation. The accident left the husband with injuries. The police took him to the hospital. The police discovered that the lady had suffered severe injuries and was later pronounced dead at the hospital. At 4.30 pm local time, the incident occurred in Whitsunday Boulevard.

Golf Buggy Accident Hamilton Island Aftermath of Accident

The investigation has been initiated by the local police. Already, the local authority has formed an investigation team. The investigation team visited the scene and spoke with witnesses. According to the report, there was no suspicious activity at the accident site.

Also, the investigation team admits that there was no evidence of intoxication or rush driving. The police discovered that the accident happened because the husband was not able to drive the buggy. The couple were inexperienced drivers, according to police.

What is the News Trending in?

Because many news media outlets and online news portals published reports about the accident, the news has been widely circulated. People from all sides of the country shared the sad news via social media.

The local authority may also consider banning the vehicle, or making it a rule that only qualified drivers can drive the golf buggies. We hope to have an update soon.


These vehicles had been banned for many years before the 2016 incident. The same rules can be applied to Golf Buggy Accident Hamilton Island. Let’s wait and see what updates will be made.

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