This study is based on Haven Studios Wiki will provide readers with the most recent updates to the agreement with Sony with Haven Studios.

A lot of games are released each year. Do you want to know who is behind the creation of these games? A lot of developers created games that were published to entertain gamers. Haven Studios is one of the most popular. People from Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada would like to know more about Haven Studios Wiki.

This article covers all information regarding this studio. Haven Studios. If you are not aware of the Haven Studio, read this post.

What is the reason why Haven Studios trending?

Haven Studios is a video game development studio which was founded in 2021. They have been featured in news the news for several days. You’ll be happy to learn that they’re prepared for a move to Playstation Studios. They have experienced constant growth in the field and have been sufficient to be able to be part of Playstation Studios. More details about Haven Studios are shared ahead.

Haven Studios Game

Haven studios were established in March 2021 , by an experienced team. fans have been enthralled by their many games. It is managed by Jade Raymond (CEO of Haven Studios). Its headquarters are in Montreal. The games that it plays include:

  • Rainbow6: Siege
  • Star Wars Battlefront
  • Tomb Raider
  • The Sims
  • Assassin’s Creed

Our investigation revealed that just a handful of list of game titles were discovered however they have performed admirably since the studio was created just one year ago. They’ve launched a number of games and millions of gamers enjoy all the games.

Latest update on Haven Studios Wiki

Haven Studios is Montreal-based gaming developer firm. It was established last year in March. Since the time, they’ve released the games they developed themselves. But the most significant change is that the Canada-based game development firm is going to be a part of Playstation Studios. Sony Entertainment is set to buy Haven Studios. We are all aware that Canada is among the top manufacturers of AAA video games. Therefore, Sony has taken the huge move to purchase this Canadian-based firm to give a huge benefit for the company.

According to the information gathered from various sources on the Haven Studios Wiki We were unable to locate the exact price Sony paid to purchase Haven. Additionally, Haven studios are the 18th gaming studio purchased through Playstation Studios.

What date was it was first announced?

On Monday Sony issued a report regarding the acquisition from Haven Studios. They said that they had worked with the team members from Jade as well as with her in 2021. They also said they felt secure in the creative and technical expertise from the entire team. They will soon acquire Haven Studios, a Canada-based gaming firm.


This content is now available on the Haven Studios Wiki We found the most recent update to Haven Studios. Haven Studios will be acquired by Sony Entertainment soon. The sources don’t reveal the details of the price. When it is updated we will notify the users of the updated information. Follow this link to find out more information on Haven Studios’ latest update.

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