The summer is already here, and we are all looking for new beverages to “beat the heat.” Have you tried Kratom drinks for energy? Kratom is a well-known botanical with potent energy-boosting properties. The herb offers other therapeutic benefits to its users too. But it has an earthy, grassy, and bitter taste that distracts most people from the herb.

If you dislike the taste of the drug but want to try it, you are lucky. We will share three delicious Kratom drinks recipes to try this summer. You can use white Sumatra Kratom or any other strain for these recipes.

What is Kratom?

Kratom is a Mitragyna Speciosa plant, a close relative of the Rubiaceae or coffee family. Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand are native to these plants. Native people have been using these herbs for euphoria and pain-relieving for more than two hundred years. The drug is rich in alkaloids. It contains numerous alkaloids, but the most active ones are mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine.

They interact with your central nervous system and influence many biological systems. The therapeutic benefits of the herb are courtesy of these chemicals. These plants tend to change properties with the environment. So, you can find varieties of strains in the market with different sets of benefits.

Sometimes the strains also differ in color. The color can be an indicator of potency. Red, green, and white are the primary colors of Strains. A new yellow Strain is also making its way nowadays.

Why do people use Kratom?

Kratom has both recreational and medicinal uses. It is gaining immense popularity as an herbal substance in the wellness world. Let us take a look at the benefits it offers to the users. 

  • Recreational effects:

Taking Kratom can make you high. Euphoria is a mental state of being joyful and satisfied with life. Many users enjoy occasional euphoric effects. At a low dosage, the herb gives a stimulating effect. But at a high dosage, the impacts tend to be more sedating. It offers you a smooth high. A too high dosage can feel like cocaine or morphine. So, it is better to stay within a moderate dosage.

  • Medicinal benefits:
  • It can treat chronic nociceptive and neuropathic pain. The drug is famous for alleviating neuropathic pain.
  • It can help you sleep better through the night and help treat sleep disorders.
  • The herb can relieve fatigue and give you an energy boost to finish your day-to-day work.
  • Taking the herb can significantly improve your mood and enhance your focus. 
  • It can also help treat anxiety, depression, and stress disorders.
  • The herb might help manage your blood sugar levels and keep diabetes at bay.  

Some delicious Kratom drinks recipe:

#1 Iced Kratom coffee:

What can be better than a chilled Kratom coffee this summer? It is an easy ice Kratom coffee to enjoy with your family, friends, or the best company of your own. The things you will need for this are,

  • One dosage of your favorite Kratom powder (6 to 10 grams)
  • A cup of water
  • Whipped cream
  • ½ cup of ground beans or regular beans
  • Sugar or stevia (optional)
  • Cherries for décor

How to prepare?

  1. The first step is to crush the beans properly. Then put some water on the stove and add the beans and the kratom powder to the pan. Boil the mixture until it thickens. Now, add some sugar to the mix and remove the heat.
  1. Next, pour the Kratom coffee into mugs. Add some ice cubes (you can also use crushed ice) and whipped cream. 
  1. Top it off with cherries. And it is ready to impress everyone.

#2 Kratom with Orange juice:

Are you conscious about your health? try the Kratom with orange juice recipe. You can enjoy the beverage in the afternoon or at breakfast. The combination of fruit juices with the drug is nothing new. But orange juice makes it even more delicious and irresistible. And we all know the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals orange offers.

Take a look at the ingredients list and make sure you have everything in your kitchen.

  • A dosage of Kratom powder of your choice
  • A glass of fresh orange juice
  • Sugar, honey, or stevia (optional)
  • Whipped cream (optional)
  • Lemon juice
  • Ice cubes
  • A thin slice of orange for décor

How to prepare?

  1. Use freshly made orange juice for the recipe; it is better to avoid store-bought juices. First, mix the Kratom powder with some lemon juice and honey. When it becomes a smooth paste, pour it into a glass of orange juice. Now you can decorate the glass with some whipped cream and orange slices.
  1. The recipe keeps all the nutrients of orange and Kratom intact to maintain your fitness goals. It also masks the earthy taste perfectly.
  1. You can replace orange juice with any other fruit juice of your choice.

#3 Kratomade

The name Kratomade = Kratom tea + lemonade. Sounds refreshing, right? Brewing tea is a popular way of taking the drug. But we have customized the recipe and made it a perfect beverage to enjoy on a sunny afternoon. Without further ado, see what you will need to make it. 

  • Two cups of water (for two servings)
  • Your favorite Kratom powder (two dosages)
  • One bag of green tea
  • One lemon ginger tea bag
  • A sweetener of your choice
  • A cup of lemonade

How to prepare?

  1. Start the recipe by boiling the water. Take off the heat after the water boils and place the tea bags into the water. Let the tea leaves soak for five minutes. Then mix the Kratom powder and let it rest for about 15 minutes more. 
  1. Now, take a fine cloth to strain the tea into a pitcher. Keep the pitcher in a refrigerator for three hours. After that, take it out and add lemonade and some honey for sweetness. Add some ice and lemon slices for a refreshing look. 

Try the recipes in your leisure this summer and enjoy the benefits of Kratom strains for anxiety with a refreshing taste. Make sure to use a premium quality product for these recipes. Try not to take too many of the beverages together or consecutively. A high dosage increases the risk of side effects.