The digestion is one of the health issues that occupies the most interest of people due to the large amount of food that we can consume to improve it.

And it is that once ingested, food takes from six to eight hours to pass through the stomach and small intestine, although always depends on the person.

A few 36 hours it takes the food to move around the entire colon, so it takes two to five days for what we consume to defecate. This entire process requires the healthiest management possible.

Tips for better digestion

There are tricks and healthy habits that will allow us to have a better digestion than we have now, if it is not as optimal as we would like.

The question is to try to avoid heartburn as well as heaviness in the stomach and improve this digestive process, although it is clear that medical advice should always prevail over any thing.

  • It is recommended to consume adequate portions of the food that we are going to eat and include all groups on the plate both at lunch and in the dinner.
  • It is better to avoid fried foods and fats, as well as alcohol and drinks with a high sugar content.
  • On the other hand, it is recalled that should not be abused of the spices when cooking, nor of the spicy, which can be harmful in large quantities.
  • It is recommended to have a healthy diet and maintain it over time, combining it with physical exercise and a good rest.
  • You should not talk with food in your mouth and it is better to avoid going to bed with a very full stomach.

Trucos mejorar digestión