This article will discuss What is the age of Piper Rockelle 2022. It will provide information the details about Piper Rockelle and her age.

Are you among the millions of fans of Piper Rockelle? Piper Rockelle is a popular kid YouTuber around the world who has amassed millions of followers in just only a couple of years. Piper makes amusing videos for children, such as games, pranks including slime making, and more. She is adored by millions of fans. Many of the fans of Piper Rockelle are curious what age she is.

In this article, we’ll examine the topic of how old is Piper Rockelle 2022.

Who is Piper Rockelle?

Piper Rockelle Smith is a young YouTuber, dancer singer, and actor. She is famous for her YouTube videos channel. Piper has been featured in TV shows and has released diverse songs.

She was a part of the well-known web show “Mani,” which starred Sky the young girl.

In the year 2018, Piper was featured in “Piparazzi”, her reality series. In the past, she uploaded prank vlogs on social media challenges along with the Piper Squad(her group of friends who make videos) as well as her boyfriend Lev Cameron.

How Old Is Piper Rockelle 2022 ?

Piper Rockelle, an actress as well as a singer and dancer is well-known on social media platforms such as Instagram and the tik tok. Piper is turning 15 on the 21st of August, 2022. At present, she is fourteen years old. Her birth date was the 21st of August, 2007. Piper has an 5.1 million followers on her Instagram account. Piper posts on the account on a regular basis.

In the year 2019, Piper had launched her pop hits such as “Treat Myself”, “yesterday”, “Sidewalk”, “Baby i”. Piper’s family includes three members including her mother Tiffany Rockelle, sibling Tyler and Hunter Ray Hill. In 2019, the singer pink has accused her parents of exploitation Piper when she shared an image on Bikini in accordance with the question How old is Piper Rockelle 2022.

More details about Piper Rockelle

Piper Rockelle has been through rough times after her YouTube account was demonetized. Her mother, Tiffany Rockelle Smith, was accused of exploitation in YouTube videos. The mother was accused of a variety of child abuse and exploitation. Her mother is the one who manages the income on the YouTube channel. It was removed from monetization due to these allegations.

Eleven former members of the Piper Squad filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles County, which accuses Piper’s mom Tiffany Smith and Hunter Hill Hunter Hill, her boyfriend, of exploitation and abuse. The lawsuit accuses Piper’s mother of sexually abusing young girls or touching them an inappropriate manner.

According to What is the age of Piper Rockelle 2022 A YouTube spokesperson confirmed that they had suspended monetization of Piper’s YouTube channel due to breaking the policy of responsibility of the creator, by engaging in off-platform behaviour which harmed the community.


Piper Rockelle is a well-known persona who has gained millions of followers in a short time. People all over the world love the videos she has posted. There are millions of people following her on her Instagram as well as tik tok as well as YouTube channels. Piper is now posting videos such as makeup tutorials, DIYs Challenges for Crushes, etc. To find out more information details about Piper go to this page.

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