In the world of gambling, since the day of its creation, there has been a close mix of tricks, eye-washing, fraudulent tricks and different ways of misleading. With the transition of casinos to online mode, this specificity has remained. The more popular is considered “fair roulette” or, in other words, “quality-controlled roulette”. Recently, this phenomenon has been found in many online casinos. With the help of online casino fairness control services, the player can check the reliability of the casino himself, using special computer programs. The same services apply to roulette. You can play fair roulette at

How to check online casinos

Many people believe that it is much easier to check the offline casino than the virtual one. After all, an experienced eye can immediately see when the rotation of the roulette wheel changes, when the cards are dealt somehow not quite right. Nevertheless, there are surefire ways to check online casinos as well, and this includes an honesty control app.

MD5 Integrity Check

To ensure honesty checking, the MD5 encryption method comes into play before the gameplay begins. It generates a specific number, also called a “hash”. The result is that two identical sequences are marked with the same generated numbers. If they differ by at least one number, the hashes will also be different.

In the process, it looks like this. When the game of chance or other entertainment ends, the player can check the numbers that fell out and how identical their codes are. These numbers, taken together, will show if the organizing company has interfered with the game. A full match obtained by means of the MD5 fairness control would be proof of the ultimate fairness of the game. Conversely, the greater the discrepancies, the more interference there was.

How MD5 works

Honest roulette is, in fact, a classic version of virtual roulette, which is checked using a fairness control application. Using this application allows you to identify a truly honest casino, and roulette in particular, that is safe to play with.

Players who prefer to use the services of offline casinos cannot check the honesty of establishments with the help of programs, so there is no guarantee for them of the safety of the gameplay.

Gambling lovers looking for a reliable casino should choose those that are regularly checked by special organizations. Their reputation is thus enhanced.

Hash is a specific sequence of letters and numbers, which is the result of the game. The participant of the gameplay can use the mathematical transformation to make certain conclusions before making a bet.