With the amount of time we spend in our homes, it’s little wonder that the home affects a lot of things. Most people don’t realize it, but your home has a great effect on your mental health. The more time you spend at home, the stronger its effect on your mental health. By understanding how your home affects your mental health, you can make adjustments to make the effect positive. On that note, here are some home improvements you can make to improve your mental health.

Incorporate nature into your home

Nature has the strongest effect on your mental health and it can be a great way to influence you positively. The most obvious addition to your home in this regard will be to add plants. Different plants all come with different added benefits but the significance of plants to your mental health is constant. The kitchen would be the ideal space where you could add plants. But before doing that, you might need to rearrange your kitchen cabinets or add windows so the plants find their adequate spot. If you need help to remodel your kitchen, feel free to contact kitchen remodeling contractors for the best results.

Another way to incorporate nature into your home is to add natural light to all of your rooms. Natural light is mostly used to add elegance or style to a home but it can also affect your mental health. The more natural light you add to your home, the better it is for your mental health. As a bonus, you will likely spend less on your power bill with natural lighting in your home.


Clutter can cause a lot of negativity and harm your mental health. Additionally, clutter is never pleasant to the eyes and can even harbor pests and diseases, threatening your physical health. When you have clutter present in your home, then you should clear it out. Most clutter comes from space-related problems, which won’t magically disappear. To help with decluttering, you can add creative storage solutions like storage bins, or build new closets. Once you have the storage room, clean out the clutter, eliminating any possible pests, and allowing free movement of air in the home.

Feng shui

The art of feng shui isn’t something you can buy or have installed in your home to improve your mental health. Feng shui refers to the practice of using external stimuli to affect your internal state. This process includes the arrangement of furniture and the use of colors and decoration to promote a healthy mental state. According to this practice, there is an optimal position for everything in the home which has a positive effect on the mind. You can either familiarise yourself with the procedure or hire someone with an understanding of feng shui to give your home a makeover. As a bonus, your home will look more spacious, and more natural air will flow through regularly, all leading up to an improvement in your mental health.  


If you are familiar with the color theory, then you understand the effect colors have on the mind. By being exposed to positive colors regularly, you will improve your mental and negative colors will likewise, influence you negatively. You will need to paint your home in positive colors to improve your mental health. You can check which colors have the best effects on your mental health before selecting your new paint color. In some cases, you can even combine more than one color to improve the effectiveness and generate impressive results. In the end, you will be left with an aesthetically pleasing home with positive health benefits.

Add a home gym

The effect of this is simple, the better shape your body is in, the better shape your mind is in. Adding a home gym will make working out and keeping fit easier. By cultivating a healthy habit of working out frequently, you will be greatly improving your mental health. Thanks to modern advancements, there is gym equipment that can help you monitor your progress as your work out. In the end, you will have stronger physical and mental health.


By making simple additions and changes in your home, you will improve your mental health significantly. You will save yourself from any potential distress or depression and embrace a positive lifestyle.