If your ducts have started throwing dusty air and they stink badly, it is the right time to book a duct cleaning service from a reliable company. The duct cleaning service is essential to keep the ducts in good health. Various problems such as odours, germs, mould and debris can be removed only by seeking professional help. There are many companies in Melbourne that offer duct cleaning and repair services. But, you can consider asking the following questions before choosing one company:

  • What is the experience of the company?

It is crucial to book the services from an experienced company. To get perfect and quick results, it is better to hire a company that already knows everything about duct cleaning. If you have come across a company that has more than 20 years of experience, then you can surely choose it. 

  • What is the cost of the service?

Some duct cleaning companies charge unreasonably high prices. They add hidden charges and use poor-quality cleaning products as well. So, always choose a company that asks for an affordable price. But, make sure that you don’t opt for cheap services. The company should provide high-quality services and use the best possible products at a reasonable price. 

  • Does the company use the latest technology equipment to clean the ducts?

With the advancement in technology, it has become possible for cleaners to remove stuck debris, mould and bacteria from the air ducts. You should ask whether the company utilises the latest technology machines or not. If the company is still using the old methods and poorly maintained tools, then you should not choose it. 

  • Do the technicians have enough experience?

There is a huge difference between the working style and results obtained by trained and untrained people. Experienced technicians know how to tackle the severe collection of dirt, dust and debris in the air ducts. They select effective and safe products that can quickly dissolve the dirt. They can efficiently use rotary machines, vacuums and other cleaning machines. 

Whether the ducts are installed in a commercial building or residential place, experienced cleaners can handle the work properly. If there are defects in the HVAC system or ductwork, the duct repair specialists can also fix them. You just need to book the duct repair services and the experts will do it all.

  • Does the company have some testimonials from previous clients?

Testimonials reflect the authenticity of a company. If the company has many satisfied clients, then you can prefer it. Usually, companies publish testimonials on their website and you can have a look at them. You can also ask the company about the testimonials too. 

  • Which services are offered by the company?

While scrolling through the internet, you will find many companies that offer just one or two services related to ducts. They are not enough to fulfil the requirements that you have. Whenever you are searching for a company, you must have a look at its service portfolio. It should include some important services such as duct repairs, dryer vent cleaning, commercial duct cleaning, air conditioning cleaning, etc. If you find a reliable company that provides all these services, you can surely select it. 


Clean ducts are essential for houses and commercial places. They can affect the functioning of the HVAC system and degrade the air quality. The selection of duct cleaning company should be done carefully. If you don’t ask the questions given above, you must not get the best results. The air ducts will remain dirty and continue to affect health. So, consider the points mentioned by us and then take a decision.