This article will clarify your concerns Are you sure that Anxat is Legit in relation to a new platform on the internet that sells women’s clothes, including sweaters and dresses.

Do you want to appear the most attractive this season? Are you in search of an online shop that stocks different female clothing? Are you done shopping for spring and fall to come? If not, you should go through this article to learn more about a shopping platform.

In this article, we’ve reviewed a brand new online store selling women’s clothing items. Customers from a variety of countries including in the United States, can’t wait to learn more about the. Therefore, you should read this article and verify your inquiry Are Anxat Legal?.

Is Anxat Trustworthy?

We are sure you’re interested in exploring the items on this site. However, you should be aware of these points before you go. These facts will assist you to verify the legitimacy of this website.

  • Site Age Three and three and a half months as the date of creation is the 25th of October, 2021.
  • website trust Score –1 percent, which falls in the category of the Very Bad Trust Index.
  • rank on Alexa –This website is not given a ranking in the Alexa database. This indicates that the website isn’t widely known yet since it’s still relatively fresh to be.
  • Customer Reviews Customer Reviews We discovered anxat reviews on nearly all the products on this website. The reviews are generally highly-rated. But, no dates are listed to support the reviews. Therefore we were unable to verify them.
  • Social Media Linking Social Media Linking The developers have linked this website to their Social Media pages, on Facebook as well as Instagram.
  • The authenticity of Contact Information –We couldn’t confirm the domain of the email address used by the team. Additionally, the address and phone number are associated with a different company and not this one. The Internet lists this address among different service providers and companies.

The above data points show mixed reviews about this platform. We cannot therefore declare that Anxat is Legit because the developers have just launched it.

What’s Anxat?

Anxat can be described as an storefront for electronic commerce which offers trendy clothing for women. Its products comprise sweaters, dresses coats, tops, hoodies and cardigans. The site currently offers discounts in the coming seasons.


  • Portal Type Portal Type An online platform for electronic commerce which sells women’s clothing such as tops and Hoodies.
  • Portal Address –
  • Contact Address The office address is 145-157 St. John St., London, England, the EC1V-4PW code.
  • Telephone Number Buyers can call +44 742-875-871
  • E-mail Address
  • Privacy Policies and Conditions of Use Terms of Usage and Privacy Policy Mentioned
  • Social Media Connections Present Present (It could affect your views on the legitimacy of Anxat). legitimate?).
  • Shipping Information Shipping Information Standard delivery takes 30 to 35 working days. Customers will receive free shipping for orders over $79.
  • For Returns and Refunds Information Buyers are required to return the products within 30 days of delivery. The team will reimburse the amount within seven working days.
  • Sorting Option Sorting Option for HTML0 –Only according to price.
  • Filter by –Unavailable
  • Payment Methods Credit as well as debit card issued by Discover, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal.
  • Product Price Product Price Displaying with local currency, which users can alter through the menu.


  • The website offers a vast assortment of clothes.
  • The legal aspects are covered within the Privacy Policy.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Anxat Legit? Anxat Legit

  • The logo on the homepage states that it was founded in 1998. However the age of the site is only three months old. This contradictory data makes one question the site’s origins.
  • It is not a safe place to visit in the least since it’s too fresh.
  • The sorting feature is accessible only on a price basis. There is no filtering feature is offered. Therefore, buyers will be unable to search through a variety of merchandise.
  • The contact information listed on this site are suspect. The contact number and address belong to different service providers according to the Internet. We were unable to find information on the domain name of the e-mail address.

Anxat Review

None of the Reddit and Quora person has ever mentioned the site in their chats. It is evident that this website is not well-known because of its shady nature. Additionally, consumers cannot believe it since it’s too young. However, the majority of the products available are listed on the site with positive reviews.

The reviews have been positive about their satisfaction with the products. We cannot however claim the authenticity of these reviews since the dates of the reviews aren’t available. Therefore, we suggest you take a look at the steps to get Refunds on Paypal for more information and to ensure you are secure.

The Final Verdict

Our research has revealed mixed views regarding this site. We cannot, however, declare the legitimacy of Anxat. Legit as it’s an unofficial website that was recently launched.