Are you ready for winter? Do you want to find a website where you can buy blankets and comforters online? We have the perfect solution for your needs if you answered yes. Boxerwish offers a variety of blankets and comforters on their website in the United States. They claim to sell high quality products. We recommend that readers read this article Is Boxerwish Scam? or Legit.

Legitimacy data from Boxerwish website

Customers must ensure that the platform in which they invest is legitimate. This website is reviewed to verify its legitimacy.

  • Website Formation: The Boxerwish website was created on the 9th of October 2022. This website is only one month old.
  • Registrar:NameSilo LLC registered Boxerwish Shop
  • Trust Score: Boxerwish’s trust score is 1%. This website is highly suspicious.
  • Social media presence. Boxerwish doesn’t have any social media accounts
  • Client’s feedback We couldn’t find any Boxerwish reviews on our official website.
  • Important policies: Policies like shipping policy and refund policy as well as privacy policy are explained in detail at the footer menu.
  • No credentials available: The website does not have the phone number, address, or social media accounts.

The prologue to Boxerwish shop

Here are some products that Boxerwish offers:

  • Winter blankets that are heavy and thick
  • Set of bedding
  • Comforters
  • Unique Christmas decorations and lights
  • Home decorative products

Boxerwish shop

  • URL:
  • Email address:
  • Phone number The website does not mention its contact number. This raises the question Boxerwish Scam?
  • Company Location: The location of this shop is not listed on the website
  • Return policy The company doesn’t offer a return program
  • Boxerwish has no refund policy.
  • Delivery time: Products are delivered to customers in between 10 and 20 days
  • Payment options: PayPal and Visa are just a few of the options for payment.

Positive Features

  • You can find the email address for the shop here

Negative Features

  • The company does NOT offer a return or refund policy
  • It is not possible to find the address or phone number for the shop.

Boxerwish Reviews

We tried to find reviews on the official site of the shop but could not find any. We also tried searching online for reviews but failed. We also found Boxerwish’s ranking among 100 companies. This makes Boxerwish a highly questionable website and gave it a rank of 1.4. This ranking shows that 100 is the most well-respected company and one is the worst.