Do you want to purchase a Dice Set? Are you looking for the best place to buy beautiful dice? This web portal will help you find out. It is amazing how many dice it collects. This webpage was created in the United States.

This article will discuss the characteristics of the website and the details that make it legitimate or fraudulent . Check out the blog. can be an authentic website portal?

Although the web portal may offer amazing products, customers must verify its legitimacy by reviewing every detail. To verify the legitimacy of the website, you can follow the steps below:

  • The Domain’s existence date:The website launched on 25/07/2022.
  • Alexa ranking The Alexa global ranking for the web portal at #5198264 is
  • Trust ranking: The trust rank of the webpage is very low, at 1%.
  • Social Platform logos The website has logos for Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Rate for duplicate content:Under Gigidice, The duplicate contents percentage of the webpage cannot be found.


This is an amazing website. This website has an extensive collection of dice and accessories. The vast array of accessories includes Galactic space dice and Arcanum Dice. Its dice have amazing designs and are of exceptional quality.

Specifications for

  • The URL for the
  • The website was launched on 25/07/2022.
  • The expiration of the webpage: The expiration date for the webpage is 25/07/2023.
  • Details of Email:
  • Name of the founder: There is no information regarding the name or title of the web designer.
  • Payment Gateways PayPal

Understanding The Advantages of Is Gigidice Legit?

  • It mentioned that it has an email account for customer support.

The drawback of

  • It has not revealed the details of its web-designer.

Customer Reviews:

It does not have any reviews about its products. The Alexa rank for this website is #5198264. There are no reviews for the web portal on social media or online portals. Customer should look at Refunds on Credit Cards if Scammed.


This portal doesn’t have any experience selling online products. This website has a terrible trust ranking. According to Gigidice Reviews, the webpage doesn’t have any reviews on social websites or online sites.