You may have come across a green pullover online shop while shopping for pet and kitchen items. You want to know the details of this site so you can have a better shopping experience. The green pullover is a destination for kitchen products in the United States. However, most pet items can be purchased on it.

There are over 4000 pages of products that include pet-related items, including books and food. Is This Green Pullover Legal has objectively analyzed this website and provided the facts to online retailers.

Green Pullover Website:

This review section will be informative and interesting to shoppers looking for reliable facts about this site. This review section will help them make a decision about the legitimacy of the store. It also discusses parameters such as customer reviews, website age, trust rating, and other factors.

  1. The green pullover was created on 18 June 2022.
  2. It is ranked at 1561994, which is a low rank in terms of popularity.
  3. Green Pullover Reviews team discovered that the trust index for this store was 47.6%. This is a low rating for an authentic website.
  4. The domain will expire 18 June 2023.
  5. We found the Pinterest icon on our homepage, but the social media presence of this store is not available for most sites.
  6. Although the company address for this store is listed on the homepage, we were unable to verify it via Google Maps.
  7. This shop does not have a customer review.
  8. We could not find the details of the owner on the website.
  9. This site’s content looks very similar to others and lacks originality.
  10. Is the Green Pullover Legitimate has a trust score of 1%, which raises concerns about its legitimacy.

About Green Pullover Shop:

Green Pullover was established one month ago as an domain to support the online retail market. It has developed over 4000 product pages to meet the needs of the pet food industry. It’s not the most popular place to buy kitchen appliances, but it is the most popular page for pet products.

Website claims that it sells the product at a low price, which demonstrates its commitment to selling the item at lower prices. Is the Green Pullover Legit Below is a list of items that are available to purchase on this online retail platform.

  • Books for pet training
  • Supplementary food for pets
  • Kitchen products
  • Pet cages

Green Pullover Website:

  • The domain name is
  • The website address is
  • Email –
  • Address of the company – 617 E 79th St. Los Angeles, CA 90001. The United States
  • Contact Number – +1 201 304 6746
  • In the regular season, shipping takes 10-15 days.
  • For unused products, the return period is 90-days.
  • PayPal allows online payments
  • The return period is 15 days.

Are Green Pullovers a Legit Positivity for the Website?

  • The majority of products that concern pets can be found on one platform.
  • The shipping time is approximately 15 days.
  • For customer queries, contact numbers and emails are available.
  • The product is affordable.

Negatives in Pullover Com Portal:

  • This website has a low trust score and index rating.
  • This website does not have any customer reviews.
  • The site does not contain the owner’s information.
  • It is ranked low on Alexa.

Green Pullover Review to this Portal:

The website was only created one month ago. There are not many details about it online. Green pullover has received low ratings from most legit websites. Customers have not left reviews about the products they purchased on this website.

There was no customer feedback found on the product page. This indicates that there is no internal review system. This online shop uses a PayPal payment gateway. customers may check out PayPal-related transaction scams here.


Is the Green Pullover Legit We have reviewed all legit parameters such asstore ages, Alexa rank and customer feedback and we found it suspicious. This platform is a scam. We advise customers to be cautious. Are you a customer of the green pullover shop? Please leave your comments in the section below.