This article will provide clear information to help you identify whether is a scam or legitimate.

Are you looking to update your style with fashionable clothes this winter? Do you sell a wide range of clothes online? We are going to tell you about an online store that sells a huge selection of clothing and accessories for men and women.

This portal was launched in Canada and the United States. But, shoppers want to know if Heltiger is a scam or legit. Let’s examine its credentials to verify its legitimacy.

The portal’s essential facts!

  • It was launched on the 13th of October 2022 and is currently in its 27-days.
  • The domain will expire 13/10/2023.
  • We attempted to locate the name of its holder in its official detail.
  • The domain was ranked #7120127 on the global ranking platform.
  • We cannot get threat and phishing scores.
  • We found that the domain has a terrible trust score of 1%.
  • We will find social media logos at the bottom of this portal. Clicking on them will redirect to your personal id.
  • Heltiger Review has yet to receive a single review from buyers.
  • We found all the helpful strategies for customers on the official website page.
  • It is valid SSL certified.

About Heltiger!, an online marketplace that sells a wide range of clothing for men and women, is called The products are trendy and stylish, which will enhance your appearance. You can find tops, shoes, pants and jackets for men, as well as women’s jeans and tops.

The online store claims customer satisfaction is its primary objective. All clothing is made with the most comfortable materials.

Specification- Is Heltiger Scam or Legit?

  • The online portal URL is-
  • Contact with your email-id to reach a store representative
  • To add the number to the online portal, please contact us.
  • The current address of the portal can be found at 4 Place Henri De Turenne in Perpignan (66000), France.
  • Payment options include credit cards, Visa, Discover, Master Card and JCB.
  • All the policies that online shoppers need to feel secure and confident in their purchase were found by buyers.


  • The vast selection of clothing products available allows shoppers to choose the right material for them.
  • All policies and payment methods are guaranteed.
  • To contact them in person, we need a valid address.

Cons for Heltiger Reviews

  • The owner of the online domain does not reveal his name.
  • It is necessary to include the contact number so that customers can contact customer service directly.
  • This website has a low Alexa rank and a poor trust score.

Customer Reviews-

Online platforms need customer reviews. This domain was added recently to the ecommerce platform and should be followed closely by multiple buyers.

It must be part of the promotion strategy. Otherwise, we are not able to get any one view from shoppers about this website. To learn more about how to avoid credit card scams ,


We are unable, in the analysis to determine Is Heltiger Scam Or Legit, to obtain most of the essential details of the domain.