Did you know that one in three women and one in ten men have involuntary incontinence according to clinical studies? To reduce leakage, the Kegel exercise can be used to strengthen your internal and outer sphincter muscles.

The Innovo company has several solutions for their website Myinnovo.com. Let’s see if is Myinnovo scam before you make a purchase.

Is Myinnovo Legit?

  • Myinnovo Creation –23 April 2018, 19:07:40
  • Myinnovo Age –four year, two month and twenty day old.
  • Myinnovo. Last update on–24th February 2020 at 11:10.
  • Myinnovo Extension–23 April 2023 at 19 :07:40
  • Myinnovo Life Expectancy–expires in nine months and ten calendar days.
  • Trust Index –Myinnovo receives a trust rating of 86% which proves its AUTHENTICITY.
  • The place of origin–Myinnovo CoO are unknown.
  • Threat Profile and Phishing, Malware and Spam Score–no information
  • Status of Blacklisting–Myinnovo is not blacklisted.
  • Connection Security –Myinnovo uses valid HTTPS protocols
  • SSL statusits IP 132.12.218 has a valid SSL Certificate for the next 88 Days.
  • Myinnovo.com Reviews Contact person–unspecified at Myinnovo.
  • Social relations–@myinnovous pages are present on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Contact Information and Identity of the Owner–Susan Trent, CEO, GM and SVP at Innovo.


Myinnovo.com, a commercial ecommerce selling the three products below, is called Myinnovo.com.

  1. INNOVO Kit
  2. INNOVO Fresh Pack
  3. Spray Refill.

Innovo is a manufacturer and distributor of medical software and professional devices. Innovo kits are specialized products that help with involuntary microurition. Micturition is controlled by both the internal and external muscles of the sphincter.

Innovo is a company that focuses on finding effective and practical solutions to these disorders. Innovo has developed an Innovo kit which works on sending impulses from batteries to tissues and muscles. This can be used for treatment of incontinence.


  • Buy Innovo incontinence at–https://www.myinnovo.com.
  • Social media links–included to Facebook and Instagram.
  • Price–$449.95
  • Physical address–Unit#10 Oranmore Business Park Oranmore, Galway (Ireland-H91V298
  • Phone (or) WhatsApp number–(833)891-6369 is the contact number for Myinnovo.
  • Email address–info-us@myinnovo.com.
  • Customer Reviews, blogs and reviews–Myinnovo supports customer reviews, ratings and blogs.
  • Terms & Conditions–only for returns at Myinnovo.
  • Privacy policy –unspecified on Myinnovo
  • Store locator –Myinnovo didn’t mention the physical store address.
  • Delivery Policy –Myinnovo ships orders via FedEx or USPS The delivery time frame is not specified.
  • Myinnovo.com Reviews Shipping Policy–Myinnovo processes orders within three to five working days.
  • Tracking–not available on Myinnovo.
  • Cancellation Policy –unspecified at Myinnovo
  • Return Policy –Myinnovo customer support must be reached within 30 days to receive return labels.
  • Exchange: After receiving returns, Myinnovo will ship a size exchange (or) a substitute.
  • Restocking Fee:not charged By Myinnovo.
  • Refunds Policy –Refunds will be processed once returns have been accepted. It is not clear when and how refunds will be processed.
  • Payment Mode–via PayPal or MasterCard, Amex (Discover), and Affirm in USD only

Pros determining Is Myinnovo Scam:

  • Innovo Kit promises to cure incontinence in 12 weeks
  • Innovo Kit offers 30-day returns
  • All Myinnovo.com Products, 12 Months Warranty
  • Myinnovo.com offers a $75 Discount on a Newsletter Subscription
  • Myinnovo.com has been cleared by FDA. They provide Non-Invasive Solution based upon doctors’ research and clinical trials


  • Myinnovo.com’s country of origin is unknown. The head office is located in Ireland.
  • Myinnovo.com’s poor inventory control and logic allow users to order unlimited quantities of the same item.
  • Myinnovo.com can be difficult to navigate

Customers Myinnovo.com Reviews:

Myinnovo.com received a total of 281 product reviews. More customers have rated it at 3.9/5 stars. Myinnovo.com was ranked medium on Alexa at 543,300.

Mixed feedback was found in more than nine YouTube reviews. There are eight video reviews on the internet. More than three Facebook videos reviews have been found. These video reviews were written by the Myinnovo team. These reviews therefore are not reliable.

Negative reviews indicate poor customer service. The warranty does not cover defective products for 30 days. This makes it difficult to get refunds. Find out about PayPal scams Myinnovo.com accepts PayPal payments.


Myinnovo.com seems a legitimate websiteanswering Is Myinnovo Scam. Myinnovo.com has a high Trust Index, an average Business and Alexa Ranking and a low suspicion score at 22%. The customer had received the orders and left positive feedback. Myinnovo.com received an average rating of 3.9/5 stars.