Do you love to pamper your skin and nails? Some people have difficulty growing their nails and experience toenails problems. Spitzu claims it can solve all your nail problems and is becoming very popular in the United Kingdom. Let’s ask you a question before you go to this website: Is Spitzu Scam?

This article contains all the latest information about this site.

Is this website legit?

The site offers a variety of products for nail and skin care that will attract people to purchase these products without hesitation. Is this site safe to use? Are they offering legitimate deals to customers? You can read our post to find out more about the legitimacy of our company and help you make your final decision.

Spitzu Scam will let you know if this website is real or fake. Below are the details. This is a guideline.

  • Website Registration This site was recorded five months ago. The Spitzu registration date is March 27, 2022.
  • Registrar: Spitzu website is registered through TOUCOWSInc t/aTUCOWS[Tag=TUCOWS-CA].
  • It has one Facebook account. This site is not relevant to any other social media accounts, such as Instagram.
  • Trust Factor This site has a trust factor two percent. This shop is not trustworthy.
  • Buyer’s Review: As per Scam The response of its customers to their collections post isn’t mentioned, making it suspicious.
  • Missing Information:A layout can show an email address, location and the address, but not details about the owner, such as name and phone number.
  • Customers Policies This website provides customers’ policies in the appropriate section. It gives users a trustworthy look.
  • Data security: The HTTPS link provides data security, but does not guarantee privacy. Don’t share your personal data to this site.

Brief as per Is Spitzu Scam

Spitzu is an internet store. Spitzu claims that they offer discounts to their customers. For example, they offer a 50-patch Pack for EUR14.99. They also show the actual price at EUR21.41.

  • Toenail patch
  • 100-patch pack

Spitzu Scam

Purchase a Toenail Patch
  • Email Address:
  • Company Address Information: A57-00-03-11 – Flamingo Villas Ajman, United Arb Emirates License Number 2759 is the company’s address
  • Phone number is unavailable.

As per Is Spitzu Scam. This website does not offer any customer reviews or reports from any company.

  • Return Policy : The product can be returned within a month. This site has a 30-day return policy.
  • Shipping Policy – The delivery time for your order is estimated to take 2 to 3 days from pick up.
  • Payment Mode: Master Card, Debit Card Visa

Positive Highlights

  • A valid email address was provided.
  • Track your order.
  • A one-month money-back guarantee is offered

Negative Highlights

  • The phone number is not listed
  • It is not possible to review customers via the site.
  • This site has a very low trust index.

Spitzu Reviews

We have not received any feedback from customers, but we have seen reviews posted by customers on other websites. According to the feedback of users, Spitzu is not popular. This site is not available on any other social media accounts, but only Facebook. This website has more than one million users. We found very few ratings. We were unable to find the name of the website owner or the Spitzu mobile number.

This website has a very low ranking. We don’t recommend this website as it appears suspicious.

Final Verdict

This concludes the Spitzu Scam write-up. this website was recorded five months ago and its trust index is only two percent.