sells only shopping bags. It did not categorize bags. PayPal is the only payment option. Customers can also pay with Amex or mastercard. Discover the PayPal website. You can shop Telfar-bags online and receive free Worldwide shipping

We recommend that you read customer reviews about before you buy.

Is Telfar-Bags Legit?

  • Telfar Bags Creation:28 July 2021 at 5 :41:39
  • Telfar Bags Age:one-year-old and eight days.
  • Telfar Bags Last update on:29th Jul 2022 at 07:03:34
  • Telfar Bags Expiry:28th Jul 2023 at 5:41.39.
  • Telfar Bags Life Expectancy:expires in eleven months and twenty two days.
  • Trust IndexTelfar Bags have a trust rank of 60%. could therefore be legitimate.
  • Business Ranking:Telfar bags achieved a horrible 27.8% ranking in business.
  • Origin:Telfar Bags CoO is unknown.
  • Suspicious Websites Proximity: 27%.
  • Threat Profile66%
  • Phishing Score14%
  • Malware Score66%
  • Spam Score1%
  • Status Blacklisting:Telfar–Bags is not considered blacklisted.
  • Telfar Bags Review Connection Security:Telfar–Bags uses an unsecured HTTP protocol.
  • SSL StatusIP is issued a valid SSL Certificate for the next 48 hours.
  • Contact person:unspecified at Telfar-Bags
  • Social relationships:@telfarglobal can be found on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook with over 1,414,100 fans.
  • Contact and Owner’s Identity:Telfar Bags used the services in order to conceal its owners.


All over the globe, people are obsessed with buying Telfar-bags. Telfar-bags are considered more than just a fashion accessory. Telfar-bags are simple and stylish with great looks.

Telfar-bags headquarters is located in Hong Kong. Check Is Telfar Bags Scam or Legit? They are committed to offering high-quality products and fast product delivery. offers three kinds of bags in simple and colorful designs.

  1. Shop small shopping bags starting at $89.99
  2. Medium shopping bags starting at $139.99
  3. Large shopping bags start at $189.99


  • Buy tools and utilities at:
  • Social media links:not listed on Telfar-Bags.
  • Price : between $89.99 and $189.99
  • Physical address:1146 East Moreno Way Placentia California 92870. This was found to be fake as the maps show a residential building.
  • Phone number (or) WhatsApp number.only number is (475)619-2800 on Telfar-Bags.
  • Email address:, accounted in Is Telfar Bags Scamreviews as it is not a business email.
  • Customer Reviews and blogs –blogging does not work on Telfar Bags. However, customer ratings are available.
  • Terms & Conditions: Mentioned, but plagiarized from Telfar-Bags.
  • Privacy policy Mentioned, but plagiarized from Telfar-Bags
  • Store locator Telfar Bags didn’t mention the addresses of the stores.
  • Delivery Policy:Telfar Bags delivers standard orders in 12 days, and expedited orders in 4 days.
  • Shipping Policy:Telfar Bags can take up to 3 business days to process an order.
  • Tracking: orders can be traced from users’ account at
  • Cancellation Policy:unspecified at Telfar-Bags
  • Return PolicyTelfar Bags accepts returns within 30 Days
  • Restocking Fee:Unspecified on Telfarbags, considered for checking Is Telfar Bags a Scam?
  • Refunds Policy:Telfar Bags didn’t mention the method or timeline for refunds.
  • Payment Mode: via PayPal in US$ Only
  • Newsletters:not Published by Telfar-Bags.
  • FAQ and Help:present at Telfar-Bags.


  • offers free Worldwide shipping in more than 100 countries
  • Telfar-bags medium shopping bag has enough room for a laptop
  • Telfar-bags can be purchased in vibrant or formal colors and are available in unisex sizes


  • does not offer search, filtering or sorting options
  •’s poor inventory control and logic allows for unlimited quantities.
  • offers unbelievable 70% savings on a variety of bags

Customers Telfar Bags Review : has a low Alexa rank of 7,603,219. has received more than 20 reviews on its website and over 50 YouTube videos and reviews. These all indicate that it is a legitimate site.

There were no customer ratings or reviews on social media sites, user review sites or anywhere else on the internet. Be cautious about PayPal scams as Telfar-Bags accepts PayPal payments.

Every Telfar bag has 26-29 untrue reviews. has positive product reviews and all are rated 5-stars. These product reviews on can be misleading.

Conclusion: may be legitimate. Are Telfar Bags Scam. It has a low trust rank, but a poor Alexa and business ranking. should only be recommended for highly experienced internet users. also scored well on suspicion, threat, malware and suspicion profiles. It also has a very short life expectancy.